Basketball: new start for CS Bayeux with three new recruits

One of the three bayeus recruits, Evan Bellery, during his time at ASPTT Caen. © DR

With the departure of Yaël Andreu-Sabater and the end of the careers of Flavien Monrocq and Grégoire Henry, who will be made available to his reserve team, CS Bayeux is about to turn a new page in its history.

Of the team that experienced the rise in National 3, only Robin remains [Lecoutey, ndlr] and me.

Guillaume Mesnival, sports director and strong winger of the Bayeus club.

“It’s a new dynamic that is set in motion with a younger workforcesince it will count four players under the age of twenty-two in its ranks. The average age has been greatly lowered. This time, CS Bayeux is no longer hiding. Eighth at the end of the last exercise, he now look towards the top 5 of the championship.

“That was already our goal last year. Despite the injuries and the health crisis, the maintenance was quickly acquired. Three days from the end, provided we win them all, we were in the process of third place. Our final ranking is anecdotal because we were on the podium”.

“That is to say the influence he can have on a workforce”

For this, he therefore attached the former resident services from AS Saint-Rogatien Nantes, Paul-Gérard Kimoto (25), capable of playing both as a leader and as a full-back.

“We were looking for a player capable of providing us with guarantees in terms of attack and passing the ball. We did not find it and therefore went to a different profile”.

That is to say, a left-handed, skilful, versatile and whose height of ninety-five also makes it possible to offer interesting interior solutions.

“When he landed at AS Saint-Rogatien Nantes, they had not won a single match for two years. It owed its maintenance only to the health crisis. Paul-Gérard was his only summer recruit and began, from then on, to monopolize the first roles of the championship. This shows the influence he can have on a workforce. He will be supported by Mickaël Weber, the former leader of the U20s of US Alfortville.

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He made a strong impression on us during his test drive. He does not yet have the opportunity to evolve in N3, but his physical and defensive qualities are very interesting.

Guillaume Mesnival, sports director

A well-known face in the region

Passed, in particular, by Caen BC, LC Bretteville-sur Odon or even by ASPTT Caen, Evan Bellery is, him, a face more familiar to basketball fans of the region. He comes out of a difficult championship with Caen Nord Basket, relegated to the Pre-National.

“He quickly showed us his desire to get involved in our project. His address will allow him to be a relay for Robin [Lecoutey, ndlr] and Ishmael [Lebrun, ndlr] “.

Ismaël Lebrun does not expect much this season since he will be, with N’Diouga N’Diaye, the only professional winger of CS Bayeux after the departure of Yaël Andreu-Sabater.

“He showed that he had passed an important milestone. Offensive, it becomes interesting. It remains to progress in defense, on rebounds and in attitudes. It will be, for him, the season of confirmation and he will have the opportunity”.

The club also hopes to count on the return from injury of Anthony Lagueste who has just resumed racing. “We will go there gradually, but the idea is that it will be operational when it resumes next September”, describes Guillaume Mesnival.

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