Basketball / Ousmane Dieng drafted by Oklahoma City, reactions in Lot-et-Garonne

Last night, the first page of Ousmane Dieng’s adventure in the NBA (National Basketball Association) was written. It was during the 11th pick of the NBA Draft that his name was pronounced by Adam Silver, the commissioner of the NBA. The New York Knicks acquired the 19-year-old. However, they transferred him to the franchise side of the “Oklahoma City Thunder” right after picking him. Ousmane Dieng therefore becomes the fourth highest drafted Frenchman in NBA history, and especially the very first Lot-et-Garonnais.

Although taking place on the other side of the Atlantic, the Draft did not fail to make us react. Former local basketball coaches and actors testify with emotion on what is a great day for Lot-et-Garonnais sport.

Laurent Mopsus, President of the Lot-et-Garonne departmental committee: “I congratulated Ousmane Dieng’s father directly after his selection. It’s huge. We don’t measure what needs to be done to reach this level. I had the chance to rub shoulders with players who have been drafted. I can assure you that to arrive in the NBA, you need commitment, motivation and an extraordinary family unit. It’s a challenge where you only have the right to one chance. It’s a great moment for the department. We prove that in Lot-et-Garonne, we don’t just produce rugby players and footballers.”

Michel Baldas, President of Villeneuve BC: “Humbly we are proud of the journey of our little Ousmane, for him and his family, he who took his first steps in the Descartes room. A dream that has just come true. and we are much happier for him and his parents. Note that for the departmental and national basket, this is an exceptional event. Hats off to Mr. Ousmane, what a great job accomplished.”

Alain Julhes, Villeneuve BC coach: “What a fantastic journey little Ousmane has just made. He, who made his first dribbles at the Salle Descartes while watching his dad Magic play, must be proud of him. He already showed exceptional physical qualities and now he is in Oklahoma City where he still has the means to progress. Congratulations Ousmane the VBC is proud of you.”

Léo Sansot, Villeneuve BC coach: “We knew for several months that he would be chosen on this draft, most certainly on a Top 15. Last night, these predictions materialized and things are becoming really real, a young player from Lot-et-Garonne will tread the NBA floors. I feel lucky to have been on his path in his training course. Beyond his physical and basketball potential, Ousmane is a kind, hardworking and humble young man. It is a reward worthy of his qualities as a person. We will follow his development in the big league and we will be happy to see him again in Lot-et-Garonne.”

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