Basketball: Pierre Frugère back again in Rodez where a leader is tracked and a pivot has been rejected

Promoted to National 3 for several weeks and having ended the season ten days ago, the Rodez basket Aveyron intends to strengthen during this off-season.

It’s a return to the club – for the second time after 2019 – which will do you good. Pierre Frugère, the child of the country, will return to his Ruthenian colors next season. If nothing is signed yet, the back and the Rodez basket Aveyron move forward together again. The one who had gone to Albi before returning to the Piton for a freelance and then heading to Belgium for personal reasons will therefore be there on the floor of the Ginette-Mazel room for the resumption of training, scheduled for the beginning of August.

Normally, if all goes well, yes, that’s what is expected “, enlightens the 26-year-old player, web developer in the city and who has just returned to France, in his native Rodez. With Brussels and the FBI club, the practice of basketball has been largely made difficult by the Covid. And Frugère also remains six months without practice.I will have to get back in shape, find my rhythm; but if I’m needed, I’ll be there and I’m very happy to be back. ” “He will bring us his defensive intensity and a lot of speed in the game. We need to improve in the counter-attack game“, underlines his future coach and former partner, Matija Sagadin. A technician who counts well relies on “an extended group of 12 players“, while next season will be extended, with 14 clubs instead of 12 and a calendar that will stretch from September 10 to May 13.

Thus, the RBA is about to sign a leader who played last season in National 3 in a club in Occitania and whose name has not filtered. “He will support Valentin (Gélin)details Sagadin. Nacer (Daoui) being very busy with his professional activities, we wanted an alternative.

Individual interviews

The domestic sector should also be affected by this reinforcement. With a priority objective in position 5: “A profile with a lot of density in defense and rebound.” A pivot was thus on trial last week, Marvin Chavoudiga from Pamiers (PN). But was not selected. Sagadin to comment: “ It didn’t match what we were looking for. “Thus, in this sector, either a real added value will be made, or no reinforcement should be taken, also made clear a coach who, moreover, is carrying out all this week the private interviews at the end of the season with his men D Elsewhere, apart from Quentin Moncet, who could occasionally be left at the disposal of the EAB, no departure has been recorded to date.

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