Basketball: reconstruction, revival and reconquest

Recently, the general meeting of the club was held to take stock of the season delivered and draw up the prospects.

Nathalie Ramadour, the president of Val d’Albret, opened the session in the presence of about forty participants, Valérie Tonin and Ludovic Biasotto respectively mayors of Barbaste and Lavardac, Eric Laville representing the departmental committee, the municipality of Vianne being excused.

“The season of reconstruction, recovery and reconquest”, are the words used by the president in the introduction to her presentation. “After two difficult seasons, we found the sound of the balls in the halls, the atmosphere, the conviviality and the pleasure of seeing our young people and our seniors having fun on the pitch”.

For next season this roadmap will continue. Admission remains free during pennant team meetings, post-match evenings maintained and the last quarter will see the club’s 20th anniversary.

The president thanked the municipalities who provided the club, the various partners, for the work done the office, the employee and the educators, as well as the parents and all the supporters.

The various balance sheets

Thanks to everyone’s effort, the number of licensees has increased from 65 to 94, divided into 10 teams and supervised by 12 coaches.

A busy season with the setting up of school basket operations (Vianne school, Lavardac and college, Barbaste, Nérac Jean Rostand and Saint-Christophe). More than 400 students were able to learn about the practice of basketball. These interventions will be renewed from September and new schools will join the project. An end-of-year tournament with all the schools is under consideration.

On the sporting side, 10 teams: U5 & U7, U 9, U 11, U 13 women and men, U 15 women, U 17, SG 2 and SG 1. This SG 1 training validated in N3, it remains supervised by William Ramadour, keeps its hard core supplemented by the reinforcement of 4 new players.

The project presented to the participatory budget organized by the departmental council was selected. A new billboard will soon be installed.

Various other activities have been undertaken: creation on the initiative of Louis Varao of a “Basketball for all” section and a project led by Vivien Lavaure “canoe day”.

The balance sheet shows a very slight deficit.

Several people were honored, including Faustine Paul, Louis Varao and Vivien Lavaure for their investment in the club.

Peggy Flament, treasurer and Didier Ramadour, kingpin, always ready to help the club, as well as Loïc Lacoste for his help, were also honored.

In agreement with Committee 47, the Aquitaine league and the federation, 2 bronze medals were named, one to Sylvain Varao, who had already obtained a letter of congratulations in 2014, founder of the VAB in 2002 and still close to the teams seniors, the other to Nathalie Ramadour, volunteer for 15 years who took over the presidency 3 years ago.

In conclusion, the mayor of Lavardac congratulated the club for its results, for the progression of the licensees, its work and the actions adapted with different associations, which makes it possible to introduce young people to other activities. The mayor of Barbaste gave his support to the club announcing that after the work on the roof of the room, the repair of the parquet floor was on the agenda. The representative of committee 47 specified that the passport will be renewed and that the committee will not increase the price of licenses.

Lasting good news was distributed by William Ramadour, the school of Val d’Albret Basket was going to obtain the label “French school of mini-basketball”.

Contact Val d’Albret Basket: 06 58 63 12 69.

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