Basketball: the Agen BC club asks for its relegation to “avoid going into the wall”

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Agen BC’s fabulous sporting season has certainly concealed the immeasurable difficulties encountered by the club. The ABC will not return to National 2. And will perhaps only focus on training. Explanations of a huge mess.

Until the last moment, Jean-Louis Carnir, the president of Agen BC and a handful of diehards tried everything. Eaten to blood by their unfailing involvement, they didn’t want to give up.

Let’s say that during this 2021-2022 season, Agen BC found colors. Led by their manager Fred Rocco, the Agenais finished in an exceptional fourth place in the National 2 French championship. The club had not had such a successful party for ages.

For several months, this team of leaders maintained the flame also bringing an undeniable quality in terms of training with “200 young people divided into the different teams”.

Everything is falling apart

However, the reality is quite different. This dream painting concealed a disaster under construction. Like a house of cards. Everything fell apart in a few days.

Today, it is a certainty. Agen BC will not return to the National 2 French championship. Nor in the French championship, period. “We have tried to build something but with the departures of players who have been correct with us and also facing rampant inflation in the transfer market, it is not possible to achieve this,” says President Carnir ” plus 20 to 30% to have players. We fell from above “. The club had to recruit four players to return to N2.

controlling its budget which was around €250,000 (and which remains one of the smallest in N2), the club did not want to “do anything”. The elderly leader continues:

“Add to that a certain economic reluctance. We haven’t managed to attract new partners. It’s a huge shortfall.”

A balanced budget

A situation that has alerted the leaders of Abecists to consider “difficult decisions to make”. “We ended the season in balance although there is a lack of revenue on the forecast that we had established. Public revenue is not what we wanted,” admits Jean-Louis Carnir. So many warning signs that prompted the Agen leaders to say “stop”. “We are not filing for bankruptcy and we did not want to leave to crash the club,” he continues.

A meeting with the mayor

For the moment, it is still vague on the side of the ABC. This Friday, June 24, the ABC is organizing its general meeting and presenting the situation. “We’ll see where we’re going to leave. It may not be excluded to focus solely on training”, persists President Carnir. The club may start again at the lowest level with a team. Everything will be done in the next few days.

A meeting was organized, this Thursday, June 23, at the town hall of Agen where the club was able to expose its critical situation. In the coming days, another interview is also scheduled to “study the rest and accompany them” to try to find a way out of the crisis.

Not to mention the weariness of far too few leaders to run the machine. Those who show up have been depleting their health for ages. Others want to hand over. President Carnir assures that he “will be present for a transitional season”.

A big blow for Agen BC. This gives little relief and hope to see the Agen basket very quickly shine at the top of the bill. Such a waste !

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