Basketball: the Pau-Orthez club excluded from the French Elite Championship because of its finances

The Pau-orthez club was excluded from the French Basketball Championship for the 2022-2023 season, because of its finances.

Pau Orthez, winner of the Coupe de France and semi-finalist of the French Basketball Championship in 2022, saw his commitment to the elite and ProB in 2022-2023 refused for financial reasons, the National League announced on Thursday. basketball.

The Superior Council of Management of the LNB has just refused the commitment of Pau-Lacq-Orthez in #BetclicÉLITE and in #ProB. A call is still possible. Orléans should therefore be evaluated in the 1st division and Rouen, better in the ranking than Tours, in Pro B.

— Theo Quintard (@TheoQuintard) June 23, 2022

In a press release, the LNV mentions “the absence of a guarantee as to the continuity of the club’s operations”, while adding that he had “the possibility of formulating a request for a free appeal before the Higher Management Council to contest this decision”. Élan Béarnais is a historic club in the French basket with nine French championship titles and a European cup in 1984.

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