Basketball: two months after obtaining French nationality, Joel Embiid becomes American

This one, no one was expecting. And certainly not the basket specialists. Just two months after being naturalized French, Joel Embiid, born in Yaoundé, Cameroon 28 years ago, announced on Thursday that he had also become an American citizen! Which could be a problem for his arrival in the France team …

“I’ve been here (in the United States) for a long time,” the 2m13 player told The Associated Press. “My son is American. I live here and it’s a blessing to be an American. So I thought to myself why not? “The reason for this new rebound of the star, which would have been formalized also during the summer, is it seems of family order, his son and his girlfriend Anne de Paula having undoubtedly played a role in this decision. .

Naturally, the question will now arise as to his future national team. France or United States? The chance of the NBA star joining Vincent Collet and the Blues has dwindled. And it was already not so obvious.

“Of course Joël Embiid in Blue, it makes you dream, noted this summer Jacques Monclar, the voice of the NBA on BeIN Sport. But it’s not automatic. He will have to discuss with the staff and the innkeepers of the team to see how he wants to blend into the collective, to what extent he accepts to live in this well-established Club France. It will also be necessary for the Sixers to agree to release him, it is not certain. Joël is a player who is often injured and the insurance will be very expensive. There are still plenty of settings to adjust. »

The case is not new. Joakim Noah, who had triple Swedish, American and French nationality, only chose France in 2007. Embiid will also have to, if he wishes, find a place for himself among the other blue giants, vice-champions of Europe for a few days. The Associated Press adds that the player is yet to make up his mind. To be continued…

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