Biarritz reassures itself before the start of the school year

Inevitably, friendly matches are always something to complain about. The indiscipline of the Basques was revealed on its weak times, before and after the siren. Even causing a yellow card for repeated faults on the person of Tornike Jalagonia (45th). Not saved by the bell, the Biarrots took a fashionable try from Pau (40th + 1), which was reminiscent of their shortcomings last week on the defensive mauls.

But when they returned from the locker room, they withstood the series of charges in the axis provided by the Trailfinders. Well helped by a saving closed scrum. As such, the Biarritz conquest did not suffer unduly from adversity, nor even from the wind which picked up slightly after half-time. Cornered several times on its goal line, Biarritz also showed a state of mind. Combativeness, even, even especially in his youth.

The public did not fail to highlight the bravery of hooker Bastien Soury, a remarkable decisive passer on the second Biarritz try (Speight, 25th).

Bertrand Lapégue

The future is the youth

The young guard, embodied this Thursday by Thomas Hébert and Auguste Cadot, showed the staff that he would be able to count on her. The 22-year-old first, third line seems to have taken on another physical dimension since last season and his few Top 14 appearances. His low center of gravity has allowed him to generalize English releases. A voluntary tackler, he had a lot to do to block the very stocky English number eight Uzokwe. Mission accomplished. The second, as for him three quarters center of 21 years, got out of his task of hub well. Passing the line, he formed a complementary pair with a well-legged Joe Tomane and relieved of his tuft of hair which characterized him the last time he had his feet on French soil (Montpellier, 2016-2018). The two men were decisive in the transformation of a Biarrot game revitalized in the second half by the entries, in tone, of the back Joe Jonas and the scrum half Baptiste Germain.

Joe Tomane, arms free to play after contact.

Joe Tomane, arms free to play after contact.

Bertrand Lapègue / SOUTH WEST

Despite the return of the English a few minutes from the final whistle (19-21, 72nd), the soundtrack struggled to afford a final defeat, just after the center line. And it was the opener from across the Channel Brett Herron who came to seal the score and released the Aguilera public for the first time this season (22-21, 80th +1). There is still a week of work at the BO before welcoming the Oyomen, but the reception of the English D2 champion – who was playing his first warm-up match yesterday – does not bode badly for the coming season.


Referee: Mr. Charabas

Half time: 12-14

Spectators: 3700

Biarritz 22

3 tries from Aurrekoetxea (14th), Speight (25th), Lonca (68th); 2 conversions from Perraux (15th), Herron (69th); 1 penalized by Herron (80th +1).

The team: Lonca – Speight, Cadot, Tomane, Barry – (o) Perraux, (m) Aurrekoetxea – Francoz, Jalagonia, Hébert – Tyrell, O’Callaghan – Millar, Soury, Erdocio

Replacements: Renaud, Tabidze, Ma’afu, Augry, Germain, Herron, Fariscot, Jonas, Matiu

Yellow card: Tornike Jalagonia (45th)

Ealing Trailfinders 21

3 tries from Hampson (5th), Walker (40th+1), Lancaster (72nd); 3 conversions from Shingler (6th, 40th + 2), Lancaster (72nd)

The team: Johnston – Holmes, Bodilly, Bird-Tulloch, Daniels – (o) Shingler, (m) Hampson – Tizzano, Uzokwe, Farrar – Maddison, De Wee – Thiede, Walker, Whyte

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