Big news for Luka Doncic’s favorite!

Much to the chagrin of Mavs fans, the franchise let go of one of its favorites and relatives of Luka Doncic recently. Or, the player in question has just learned a major infirmation about his future. Something to make him smile after his departure.

With only 20 wins and 62 losses, the Rockets have played absolutely no role in the playoff race this year. On the contrary, they ended up with the worst record in the league and will be drafting in 3rd position in a few days. Their reconstruction project continues to move forward after the departure of James Harden a year and a half ago, and it is with this in mind thatthey sent their best player Christian Wood to Dallasin a five-man exchange.

If trade delighted the Mavs, although the departure of darling Boban Marjanovic has saddened the fans, their Texan rivals find themselves quite plucked. By dropping their star, they also let slip their incumbent in position 5. This will therefore be the priority with regard to recruitment this summer. In any case, this is what the Houston Chronicle recently, a fairly logical choice since it is necessary to inject quality into a very poor workforce.

Following the trade of Christian Wood to the Dallas Mavericks last Thursday, the Rockets have begun weighing their various options among the many free agents to determine their plans for the pivot position and free agency that will take place next month. , said a person with knowledge of the team’s strategy.

Boban Marjanovic retained by the Rockets?

With only one player assigned to this position currently, it does indeed seem necessary. Interestingly, they picked up a big man in the person of Bobi in the trade. However, given what the Serb has been able to show in the past, the Rockets do not rule out retaining him in the long term at all:

The Rockets haven’t set a target for free agency but they will look for depth in that position behind Alperen Sengun – either with a free agent or Boban Marjanovic who was acquired in the deal with the Mavericks.

Although the Rockets traded Wood because he was no longer a fit with their rebuilding project and to acquire a first-round pick, the Rockets considered keeping Marjanovic as one of the pivot options they included. They are not expected to retain the other players acquired in the deal – Marquese Chriss, Sterling Brown and Trey Burke.

A real giant with more than 2m20 under the canvas, the former Clipper, despite major mobility problems in the field, which limits his playing time. In seven seasons in the league, he has never exceeded 12 minutes of average per encounter. On the other hand, he has very good hands and can create carnage under the circle, in short sequences. On top of that, he’s inexpensive and could serve as a mentor for H-Town’s upstarts. Not uninteresting for the franchise.

Boban Marjanovic can never be a starter in the NBA because of his limitations, but his profile could do good for the Rockets who intend to keep him. He and Luka Doncic could meet several times next year, during division duels.

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