Boulay-Moselle. The number of licensees reaches peaks at the Boulay Tennis Club

The Boulay tennis club (TCB) has a string of winning shots. Starting with its partnerships with surrounding schools. Téterchen, Varize, Coume, Condé-Northen, Volmerange-lès-Boulay, Boulay… “We intervene at the rate of ten sessions in each school to initiate the children. As a result, each student holds a license. This initiative allows the club to have 615 licensees this year, a record,” says Emmanuel Kelhetter, state-qualified coach of TC Boulay. “The tennis school (for 3 to 17 year olds) alone has some 200 young people”.

With 259 girls/ladies for 356 boys/men, the TCB also recorded excellent results in terms of loyalty. “We were congratulated by the Federation because we have a very high retention rate among women,” he continues.

172 participants in the Kelhetter challenge

In addition to its 615 members, TC Boulay also has four tennis courts: two covered courts (carpet) and two outdoors (clay). The club is also at the origin of a large number of events renewed each year and which contributes to the dynamism of the city. Judge for yourself: open doors, garage sales, Halloween, Christmas, carnival, Easter, end of year parties. Without forgetting the many tournaments and trays organized throughout the year. Among those who asked for the Kelhetter challenge, of which it was the 19e edition this year (the tournament took place from June 18 to July 14, editor’s note). “There too, on a broken record for the number of participants with 172 people, i.e. 42 ladies and 130 men, 200 matches and 40 clubs represented”, specifies Emmanuel Kelhetter.

On the sporting level, finally, the club has come a hair’s breadth from the rise for many men’s and women’s teams. The best individual performances can be attributed to Christelle Szczepaniak, winner of the Marly, Creutzwald, Forbach and Boulay tournaments, and Alexis Schmidt, who has just won the Marly, Créhange and Boulay tournaments.

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