Boussens. Table tennis: a fine line-up of champions

This month of June remains etched in the memory of the Boussens table tennis club. Having left to compete in the final phase of the national table tennis criterium of the FNSMR (national federation of sport in rural areas) in Saint-Jory, the Intergenerations team returned with the cup!

Stéphan, Khadija and Jules had brilliantly won their qualification during the departmental phase in Boussens. After coming out of the qualifying groups and having won the semi-final against the club of Isneauville (76), the Boussinois played the final against the Gers club of Orbessan. “A rather easy start and our team found itself quite quickly at 4-0… But the Orbessan team did not admit defeat and came back to score, 4-3 after an anthology doubles match won in the fifth set against the pair Stéphan-Khadija. There then remained for our three players a single each to play. And Stéphan and Khadija, not without difficulty, each won their match! The title was in the pocket. Jules could then play his match freely on more difficult and lost 3-1” explains Pascal Boisard. Final score 6 to 4 for the Boussinois, with a title of French champion of the federation in their pocket!

Note also the fine performance of the veteran team, also qualified for this final phase. Pascal and Philippe were eliminated in the semi-finals after two defeats, the first against Sénarens (31) with a score of 5 to 0 and the second against Mouroux (77) with a score of 4 to 1.

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