Brand | In Handball, the difference is made mentally


Performance in handball and in sport in general resides in the ability to perfectly combine the 4 pillars of sport: physical, technical, tactical and mental. Today’s athletes are consistently well-prepared physically, tactically and technically. The difference is made mentally.

One of the main French players in the world of Mental Preparation is LNF. This is the first Mental Preparation training in France. Accessible to all, whether you are a trainer, amateur or professional athlete, it is the most followed and most popular course. Partner of more than 60 federations, leagues or committees and having already trained more than 7000 coaches and athletes in less than 3 years, the organization offers a course that continues to arouse the interest of players and coaches:

“I think Mental Preparation is an essential component of performance. Most athletes know how to manage themselves physically and technically when they have followed the preparation for this purpose. Whoever knows how to manage his mind when necessary will be able to make the difference. Understanding how an athlete’s mind works to make him adhere better to the objective and the project is a basis that would be a plus for every coach, and that is what your training provides. » Arthur Yapocurrently at PSG Handball, physical trainer of players such as Nikola Karabatic we Mikkel Hansen and trained by LNF in Mental Preparation.

“Mental Preparation is preparation for progress and performance, it’s very different from psychology in the general sense. This preparation allows better support for the athlete as a whole, so yes, for these reasons hand trainers have an interest in following this training and understanding these tools to nourish their daily lives and better support the athlete in construction. » Yohan Delattreformer world champion, technical manager at the FFH for 20 years, responsible for the U21 double world champions and trained by the LNF.

“By definition, the coach must be a trainer. These new Mental Preparation techniques bring a lot to the trainer, it reinforces our capacities for action. » Guillaume Jolie, former world champion, former Olympic champion and also trained by LNF.

In addition to a quality of content alternating explanatory videos and application exercises, the 100% e-learning LNF training allows everyone to progress at their own pace (30 hours of training). The training delivers a certification recognized by the State (it is registered in the Specific Register of authorizations and skills). The 8 modules offered, namely motivation, goal setting, self-confidence, routines, internal discourse, mental imagery, concentration and finally stress management, allow a global and complete understanding of the Mental preparation whether you are an athlete or a trainer. Training is covered up to 100% for almost everyone in 2022, thanks to your CPF (Personal Training Account).


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