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While the departure of Aurélien Tchouaméni has still not been compensated, AS Monaco has offered itself its second summer recruit. Arrived from Borussia Mönchengladbach, Breel Embolo indeed lands on the Rock to strengthen an already overcrowded offensive sector where he will try to find a place for himself.

At a time when ecology must be made a priority, it is not uncommon to come out of certain popular brands with a receipt as long as your arm. On this one, the invoice is obvious. But also a lot of information that often leaves you wondering, when to the usefulness of these. Rather than reducing them to the bare minimum in order to save paper, many stores are making them longer and longer, even going so far as to offer them backed by advertisements. So many elements that make these pieces of paper cheerfully proved the regulatory size that should be assigned to them.

The attacking sector of AS Monaco looks like two drops of water, precisely, to these damn receipts: too long, and overloaded. Wissam Ben Yedder, Kevin Volland, Myron Boadu, Gelson Martins, Krepin Diatta, Takumi Minamino, Sofiane Diop or Aleksandr Golovin and now Breel Embolo, fresh from Borussia Mönchengladbach. A list impossible to read without taking a breath, from which Philippe Clément will now have to pick four (or even five) names for his former eleven.

Embolo (must) count

“His profile brings an extra edge to our attacking options, and adds more depth to the squad to deal well with the busy schedule ahead of us.” , rejoiced Paul Mitchell, sports director of the Asemists, in conference during the signing of his new recruit. However, when taking stock of the last season and approaching the current summer transfer window, the Englishman announced “three to five rookie” in mid-June. Among these, the former Red Bull galaxy had then targeted an attacking element, a defensive midfielder (probably to replace Aurélien Tchouaméni), a defender and possibly a goalkeeper. However, since then, the Red and Whites have only registered two reinforcements: Minamino and Embolo. Two profiles turned towards the attack, which join a workforce already more than full.

With the difference that Switzerland has a profile that the ASM does not have. “He is an exceptional player with exceptional qualities of speed and power, but who also knows how to play for others” , enthused Didier Tholot in 2016 when he was coaching FC Sion and the young striker was playing at FC Basel, in proposals reported by Eurosport. He has since probably not reached the heights that were promised to him then, but he remains a nice reinforcement nonetheless. Only his effectiveness against the cages regularly tarnishes the image given by the former Schalke 04 player: indeed, his 25 small pawns in 106 games played with the Fohlen does not encourage optimism in a sector where the ASM has its chief gunner Ben Yedder (but also the clumsy Martins). His versatility – he can assess both on the front and on the wings – also offers new perspectives to Philippe Clément. Above all, the Belgian will be able to quickly insert his new recruit into his rotation while an insane schedule (potentially nine games in August) awaits his men as soon as they resume.

Abundance of goods could harm

The fact remains that by dint of piling up talents on the front of the attack without having yet compensated for the departure of the essential Tchouaméni, the club of the Rock will undoubtedly have to degrease. Among the crowd of suitors, two names stand out: Gelson Martins, and Sofiane Diop. The first, which arrived in the winter of 2019 for the plump sum of 30 million euros, is struggling to really win. Often starter by default – with Diatta, he is the only one to have this winger profile capable of overflowing in speed – the former Atlético de Madrid lacks regularity. “At home, there are still sometimes too many ups and downs during the same match or from one match to another” , commented Philippe Clément in March, in front of the press. Reputed to be a good dribbler, the Portuguese is too often messy and regularly tangles his brushes when finishing.

For the French international hopefuls, however, the situation is different. Courted by many clubs – Nice and Leicester would be desired – the former Rennais could be tempted to seek elsewhere the playing time that the Belgian coach no longer granted him at the end of last season. A frustrating situation for the young player, who mentioned it in The Team : “I had to take it upon myself, it was a formative period. I wanted to bring competition on a daily basis, to show that I was not in the cellar. Staying focused, giving my all in training, there was nothing else to do. » Brilliant during the 2020-2021 season, Diop still represents great promise for the future and to see him start from bad news for the Monegasques who will ultimately have only a few creative elements ahead (three with Golovin, Minamino and Diop). However, and despite a busy schedule, the Rock club will have to clean up its attack. And this, in order to keep a coherent workforce while not exposing themselves to the moods of elements who would spend too much time on the bench for their taste. A significant condition to deal with this new season in the best possible way.

By Florian Porta


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