Bucks owner’s daughter’s message for James Harden!

Mallory Edens is not only an international model, she is also the daughter of Wes, wealthy owner of the Bucks and other major sports clubs, especially in the Premier League. This Sunday, and for good reason accurate, she insisted on sending a message to James Harden.

James Harden is not a complicated man, since off the pitch he loves two things more than anything in the world: rap and parties. Moreover, in parallel with his attempt to return to the top on the physical level, he who has already lost a few poundshe manages to mix his two passions, as during the American national holiday, where he was seen drunk with Drake and Meek Mill in particular.

And if he sometimes has to limit himself because of his sports career, it’s a safe bet that he will let go completely in a few years, when he will enjoy a well-deserved retirement. Besides, why not imagine a retraining and investments in the world of the night that he knows so well? There is no doubt a lot of money to be made, and his expertise is already sharpened.

James Harden sends a bottle to Mallory Edens exclusively!

Moreover, like many other players, he decided to embark on a major area of ​​the evenings: alcohol. As james lebron and Draymond Green with Tequila brand Lobos, the Sixers fullback will launch a line of red wine called simply “J-Harden,” and he’s started sending bottles to a select few, including Mallory Edens, sulphurous daughter of the owner of the Bucks !

👀 Congratulations James Harden

Mallory Edens was one of the lucky few who was able to taste James Harden’s wine in preview, and she wanted to congratulate him on this fine achievement. But why she more than another personality of the NBA microcosm, and especially why also ahead of the official launch date, scheduled for August 26?

James Harden decided to go into wine, as more and more players NBA. He will be able to wash down his next evenings with his own alcohol, which will be an immense source of pride for this man of the night. Let’s hope that his success in business will be followed by success in sport.

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