CA Béglais wants to return to winning ways at home

“The start of the season is mixed in terms of accounts, concedes Julien Vasseur, the Béglais coach. But we are completely on target with respect to the objectives we set. We especially regret the opposition against Le Havre where we led for most of the game. Regarding the other 2 losses, we will assume that we have to be better collectively. This shows that we still have work to claim to compete with teams like Noisy-le-Grand or Achenheim. »

Mission catch-up

After a month of international break due to Euro, CA Béglais players are on a catch-up mission and must quickly find the rhythm of the competition to try to bounce back after their last 2 failures, while a block of 3 matches is looming. before the end of year celebrations.

A task that begins with the reception of the Lommoises, currently 12e with only one victory to their credit, but a particularly strong start to the year which saw them face 5 teams with VAP status during the first 5 days for a record of 4 defeats and a draw. Only the reception of the promoted from Palente allowed them to glean the 3 points of victory (29-23) just before the break.

This weekend, the Girondin technician expects a complicated match: “It’s a team in place with a very stable collective for several years, but it’s a match within our reach, and we have to redo Duhourquet if not an impregnable fortress, at least a difficult move for our opponents. »

The game

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