Can Handball: end of the beans for “toothless” Panthers against the Fennecs

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If Franck Nguema’s hopes of seeing the Panthers of Gabon handball were intact, the reality on the ground was believedhe for Aubyang’s teammates. Indeed, despite courage and commitment against the seven-time winner of the competition, our felines returned prematurely to Libreville with their tails between their legs with an honorable performance against the Algerians.

The men of Walid Ben Romdhane, coach of the panthers of Gabon men’s handball, whose main objective was to win one of the tickets for the next World Cup in the discipline, have failed. It is implicitly, the cold summarizes this participation cut short by the lack of experience and realism at the key moments of the meeting.

If the responsibility of Franck Nguema can, this time, be dismissed because of the fairly complete preparation between Gabon, Morocco and Egypt, the team as for it, did not play its part. If Yannick Aubyang has at times sounded the revolt, these reactions have not received by a group but a few individuals. Like Stéphane Nze Mba and Terry Aboghe Terry, the Panthers sinned in front of the Fennecs goals.

On the sidelines of this second selection defeat with a score of 23 to 25 in favor of the Algerians, the national player banged his fist on the table. You know that for two years, the championship has not been disputed in Gabon. Regarding our preparation, it did not live up to my expectations. For a simple reason, in a competition of this magnitude, it takes at least 5 to 6 weeks of preparation “, lamented Walid Ben Romdhane.

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