Can Handball: thanks to their victory, the Panthers qualified for CAN 2024

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Laminated by Sili, Corrected by Algeria, the Panthers of Gabon were keen not to return empty-handeds of this 25th edition of the Handball African Cup of Nations which continues in Egypt. Indeed, the felines of Libreville offered themselves a victory against the Super Eagles of Nigeria which offers them a qualification ticket for the CAN of 2024.

Coming with the ambition of winning a historic qualification for the world of the discipline by relying on the sumptuous generation available to the selection, the Panthers come up against the cold realism of the high level. If the national coach pointed the finger at the absence of championship and the short preparation of his group, the observers noted a sufficiency which is paid in cash.

Moreover, during the last meeting serving as a classification match, the national team showed concentration at all scheduled and throughout the playing time. Result, a victory over the Super Eagles of Nigeria. Which allows them to position themselves 9th out of all the nations involved in this competition. A certain consolation when you know the missed start.

The icing on the cake, the men of Walid Ben Romdhane, coach of the panthers of Gabon men’s handball may not have obtained one of the tickets for the next World Cup in the discipline but ” ensured qualification for the next CAN Handball 2024 “, announced a source close to the staff. A revenge to be taken in Cairo where the competition will take place again after the renunciation of Algeria and Morocco.

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