CAP rugby: increasing numbers

The general assembly of CAP rugby took place on Saturday July 2 at the foyer of the Jean Estrade stadium. One of the 3 co-presidents, Mathieu Triverio, after the usual thanks answered to the people, to the elected representatives represented by Julie Triverio and Jean Péré, to the institutions, to the groups, to the sponsors, to the leaders, to the educators, to the players, to the supporters who helped the club materially or financially, excused certain absences and pointed out that the numbers were increasing, had 163 licensed players, about 50 managers and educators and congratulated the group for the good spirit and the warm atmosphere that reigned in the club. The educators subsequently reported this chic state of mind within the teams, the kindness, the politeness of the players. If the club is progressing in number, it owes it to everyone’s involvement, but also to the action of the 3 co-presidents, Julie Grunenberger, CTL of the League, Mathilde Martinalli, sports coach, and Rémy Castéran who organizes training courses. , initiations in local schools and colleges (tournaments, oval ball, etc.)

Then, the coaches and educators of the various categories retraced the past season, the results and the various activities: Eric Massonié for the rugby school, in agreement with Bénéjacq, who went from 21 to more than 50 kids; Damien Favretto for the U14s (40 players and 2 teams); Christophe Vignes for the U16s (30 players); Pascal Alvès for the juniors (56 players); it should be noted that the cadets and juniors are in agreement with Nay and Bénéjacq and that the relations between these clubs are excellent.

Pierre Lartigue, who arrived during the season, congratulated the seniors for their behavior, their kindness, recognized that this category has potential that will allow it to have a great 2022-2023 season.

Treasurer Monique Rigou presents income and expenditure; Finances are sound.

The election of the office will take place in a few days, but it should not undergo significant changes: co-presidents, Mathieu Triverio, Jean-Charles Dupont, Cédric Carrère; the vice-presidents Gérard Pujo and Eric Massonié; treasurer Monique Rigou, assistant Sylvie Bouly; Secretary Philippe Lacaze.

In the projects, Mathieu Triverio reported the continuation of activities, the creation of the rugby section at St Joseph College, the creation of a U18 women’s team coached by Michel Sens and Régis Lacarrère, the resignation of coaches Rémi Larbeyou, Thomas Buzy and Pierre Lartigue, the arrival of the new senior coach Lionel Espagnole associated with Julien Bourdeu, the labeling of the rugby school, the arrival of about fifteen seniors for next season.

At the end, the players offer the ladies who devote themselves to the club beautiful bouquets of flowers. Careful attention! CAP rugby seems to be on the right track.

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