Carman. Rugby: 80 minutes from the title of French champion

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After the title of champion of Haute-Garonne then that of champion of Occitanie, the JSC can enter the history of the club by recalling the shield of champion of France in 2nd series rugby.

IN LIMOUX. – Sunday June 26 at 3 p.m.: Caraman meets Millas.

The season could well be historic for the Caramanese Sports Youth club. After a group stage marked by a single defeat of one point in Murviel-Thézan, followed the departmental title and the Bouclier du Terroir won against Carbonne-Longages. The regional championship followed and Caraman won the Occitanie shield against the Murviel-Thézan agreement, in Sigean. With both shields in their pocket, the Caramanese won the French championship. A qualification in the round of 16 against Cisternes-la-Forêt du Puy-de-Dôme, a victory in the round of 16 against Saint-Jean-de-Marsacq, champion of New-Aquitaine, then over the champion of Ile- de-France, Vélizy-Villacoublay and finally, a new victory over Carbonne-Longages for the semi-final, last Sunday; place now at the end with the final which is played at the municipal stadium of the Aiguille, between the avenue du Lauragais and the rue des Études, in Limoux.

Millas also had just one group stage loss and finished with the most points of all groups. They qualified for the semi-final against Rougier (25-17). In Catalan country, the committee did not organize a Terroir shield and in the Occitanie championship, the Catalans lost in the quarter against Briatexte.

The coach, Lilian Cancian, looks back on the semi-final and plans for the deadline. “We had a very good week of training. The players were aware of this issue even if the majority of them had never played in a French championship semi-final. Millas. is a team that has also flew over the championship with only one defeat”, he explains. Millas is a great team, solid and playful. The JSC will have to put in all the ingredients to give truth to the proverb “never two without three” and offer a nice match and an unforgettable moment to these formidable Caraman supporters”.

Fan bus. It should be noted that a bus of supporters to attend the final, in Limoux, is set up from the Roger Bourgarel stadium in Caraman, at 11.30 am. Price: €10 per seat. Reservations at: 06 64 77 65 14.

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