Carman. Rugby: they celebrated the title of champion of France

the essential
With two small points difference (13-11) the JSC became the best club in France in the 2nd series, this Sunday in Limoux against Millas. A worthy title party in the village.

And three! The Caramanese offered their third shield of the season at the end of the second series French championship final and after winning the departmental title then the regional. A first for the club and the young presidents-players who took over the presidency in 2017, barely 20 years old.

The Caramanese Sports Youth was not doing well and five years later, it won the three finals. A village rugby which brought nearly 3000 people to the Aiguille stadium in Limoux and in particular with three supporter buses. Appointment was made in the center of the village on Sunday evening where the population had massed to wait for their heroes. The team toured the village in a cattle truck hitched to a tractor. Many had come from all over Lauragais, Revel or Villefranche-de-Lauragais, including football clubs to celebrate the victory of a territory, as the mayor of Caraman, Jean Clément Cassan, pointed out. “It’s a great victory for all of Lauragais. Many French people did not know where Caraman and Lauragais were on a map. Now they know where it is”, he underlined before finding himself in the shower despite himself. changing rooms, fully clothed. The party continued at the cultural center until daybreak. A player even confided that they were going to sleep all week at the clubhouse with the shield. Suffice to say that the “piece of wood” brought back to Caraman is a precious good and it is not the only one since the JSC ends the best attack of the season against more than 300 clubs in France, with 179 points, while Dimitri Visentin finished top try scorer (5) and Pierre Hébrard, third scorer in points (42) and penalties.

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