Castelnau-Magnoac. On the side of magnoacais tennis

The MTC tournament, not disturbed by the COVID, was a real success, on the tennis side, atmosphere and welcome. More than ninety registrations were recorded by Cathy Fortassin, judge referee of the tournament. She was well helped by the volunteers of the club. The public, present every evening, had a good time and enjoyed it. Despite the big heat wave, we saw great evenings in all categories. The final, which was opposed to a youngster from the club, namely Luca Ortega, 17, against number one Ervé Lalanne, from Auch, delighted the many public. Following the awards ceremony, everyone gathered around a good table prepared by the house specialists, who master kitchen accessories such as their tennis racket. Results: 2nd series: E. Lalanne (Auch) 5/6 beats Luca Ortega (MTC) 15 (7/6-7/5); 2nd women’s series: C. Nazaralyvieuva (Auch) 3/6 beats C. Relativo (L’Isle-Jourdain) 4/6. 3rd women’s series: victory for S. Cardeillac (Saint-Martory) over L. Aurignac (MTC), 4th women’s series: victory for M. Dubosc (MTC) over M. Castet (MTC); 4th men’s series: Y Monlaur (Masseube) on N. Ducau (MTC); + 35 years old ladies: V. Castet (MTC) on B. Servant (MTC); + 35 years old gentlemen: D. Bertrand (Galan) ahead of R. Boutillon.

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