Cause. Rugby school: an introduction to aiki-jutsu

As part of their summer course, young rugby players from the Bas-Quercy Rugby intercommunal school, played by Gilbert Mouly, had the chance to take an aiki-jutsu course last Monday at the André- Rey de Caussade, provided by Antoine Canonici, fourth dan in this martial art, derived from a Japanese combat method dating back to the 9th century and long practiced by samurai warriors. This group of U8-U10 categories was supervised by Gaëtan Gasc, Sylvain Léturgie, Lucas Estabe and Yannick Poujet. Throughout the morning, after the essential warm-up session, Master Antoine offered his young one-day students fighting techniques similar to those of rugby, such as tackling, dodging, balance, a game in which the young rugby players enjoyed themselves, followed by a relaxation session to end the lesson. Aiki-jutsu is a complete combat art, without competition, using dodging and the strength of the opponent to deflect him. It remains practicable by all, men, women, children, and does not require any particular physical conditions.

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