Cause. Rugby: the 2022-23 project is already in the pipeline

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At USC, players, coaches and managers already have their roadmap for next season.

Before the summer break, the leaders and coaches of the Caussadaise Sports Union met last Thursday, all the rugby players at the Piboulette stadium to take a first look at the coming season. In his remarks, the general manager, Yannick Ricardo, insisted on the importance of being part of the continuity by relying on a strong Caussade identity and by focusing on the training of young people. “We need a very strong 1 team to encourage young people to stay at the club”, he declared before announcing a reshuffle in the staff which will integrate the juniors within the group with Renaud Monchovet and Alexandre Moreau for the train. Still responsible for the juniors, Gaëtan Gasc will also take charge of the hopes in the company of Julien Viguié. For team 1, Lionel Cuila can count on the reinforcement of Jean-David Fauché, who was previously in charge of women in Montauban, Yannick Ricardo remaining general manager. Finally, Lucas Estabes arrives in the group as a coach of the rules in order to allow the players to know all the rules of rugby which can sometimes appear very complex. On the player side, recruitment is about to be completed and in a short time, the list of departures and arrivals will be closed. For the coming season, USC will be able to count on a workforce of 43 juniors with the aim of moving up to the national level. As for the cadets whose numbers still need to be completed (advice to amateurs!), they will be supervised by Michel Poujades and Théo Legros.

A partnership with schools

USC intends to forge solid partnerships with the colleges and primary schools of Caussadais, as well as with the inter-municipal school of Bas Quercy Rugby, notably through Fabien Lascassies and by agreement with the departmental rugby committee.

Sports courses will be set up with the Pierre-Darasse college with a view to setting up two UNSS teams, youngest and minimal. In addition, training will be carried out jointly between the U14s of BQR and the cadets of USC, in accordance with the Devoirs mis system, part of the school rugby project. Finally, during his speech, Vice-President Laurent Betton affirmed that USC was, in terms of the game and the behavior of the players, able to go up to federal 2, relying, among other things, on the resources not having the junior group. The whole group is already working on it to be ready for the resumption.

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