Cavan handball club saved by a new team of volunteers – Cavan

Here we go again for the Cavan handball club. Tuesday evening, during an extraordinary general meeting, a new board of directors was elected. The mandate of all the members of the season having expired, it took an electric shock to compose a new team and it worked with the state of mind of “doing everything together for the life of the club”.

Currently, two girls’ teams play regionally: under 18s and under 15s. There is also mini-handball and baby handball, for the youngest, and mixed leisure handball allows the former glories to keep in shape. A senior girls team is about to leave; still have to find a few handball players.

The old team will accompany the new volunteers for a smooth transition. Sophie, Camille, Christelle and Morgane wish good luck to the new team. “We are relieved, the handball club has been an institution in Cavan for almost 40 years. We must continue to promote this sport”. The new office is co-chaired by Julie Denmat and Julie Thouilin; secretary, Muriel Chatel; deputy, Damien Mabille; treasurer, Gaétan Le Pessot; deputy, Romain Long. Members: Magalie Callec, Élodie Le Pessot, Pascal Le Guern, Blandine Cornec. Resumption at the end of August for 15 year olds.


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