Cédric Doumbé, the future French crack of the UFC, slips about the Blue ones!


The biggest sports fans must be satisfied at the moment, since the Tour de France is in full swing and the French women’s team is playing the Euro football. Cédric Doumbé, future terror of the UFC, has also decided to send a message to Les Bleues… A message that is anything but recommended.

For those uninitiated in combat sports, the name of Cédric Doumbé probably does not evoke much, except perhaps a participant in the reality TV show produced by Netflix “The Circle Game”. , during which he shone with his charisma and humor. For enthusiasts, however, the 29-year-old Frenchman is a kickboxing legend and a great hope for world MMA.

Like Israel Adesanya before him, who is today one of the most popular names in the UFC and the middleweight champion, Cédric Doumbé made himself known at Glory, the largest organization in the world of foot boxing. -fists, winning several world belts. And after years of dominating in the ring, the Douala native decided to take up successful mixed martial arts.

Cédric Doumbé destroyed the Women’s Euro!

He currently has a record of 2 wins and 0 losses in the cage, two big knockouts, and in all likelihood, he should sign with the UFC and participate in the evening event on September 3 in Paris. And if he is particularly entertaining in combat, he is also so on social networks, where he normally connects sharp and hilarious punchlines. Unfortunately this Friday, he slipped.

While the players of the French football team are contesting the Euro, and they have a good chance of climbing to the roof of the continental scene, Cédric Doumbé has decided to send a huge tackle to all those who necessary. A very surprising message and not in the era of time, which did not fail to annoy some Internet users. Some reactions were virulent.

Cédric Doumbé likes to put on a show with daring statements, even if it means creating controversy from time to time. He probably knew full well that his message was causing reactions on social networks, which ultimately gave him visibility.

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