Chainsaw, leash and golf club

All these little people will thus meet around 10 p.m., near the Bierwart nightshop. “I came for the dialogue. I didn’t have time to react, it was a trap”, breathed David again.

One of the brothers involved in the fight reportedly said: “We settle accounts and then we are new friends.” Which makes MeGruslin say that it is a “amicable altercation”.

After a chase in a van, it comes to blows.

“My client pulled out a BB gun to push them back,” Anthony’s lawyer intervenes. That’s when Jordan, in the rival gang, pulled out the chainsaw. “It’s his work tool, he always has it in the van. And he’s not the type to cut someone in half,” assures lawyer son. “Besides, I knew my chainsaw wouldn’t take…” Anthony then grabbed a golf club and balanced it in the direction of his opponents.

Slashed with the dog’s leash

Gary will be the most slightly injured protagonist in this violent adventure. When the police intervene, his face is bloody. “He explains to the agents that he broke his face on the stairs”, says MeBernès, lawyer son. We obviously don’t really want to swing in this environment. In reality, Gary picked himself up… a pull of the leash. During the brawl, Quentin indeed threw his dog into the fight. But the animal proved to be much wiser and more peaceful than the men. on the other hand served as a whip. Boris Goffaux, for the prosecution, will also recall the judicial pedigrees of each before requiring prison sentences ranging from twelve months to two years. On the defense side, we are asking for work sentences and we are hoping for some leniency from the court. This would contrast with the furious atmosphere that reigned in the Bierwart roundabout, this late evening in March 2020.


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