Change in the direction of the hockey department

The Cloutier Air Conditioning organization in Trois-Rivières not only announced the return of Fred Lajoie and André Lachance, but it also added Gaby Roch to its hockey staff for the 2022-2023 season.

The organization has changed its hockey organization chart for the next season. Fred Lajoie is promoted to director of hockey operations, while Gaby Roch becomes general manager. For his part, André Lachance is back at the helm of the team.

We will remember that Lajoie had taken up the torch from Fabien Dubé, halfway through the 2021-2022 season. With his new title, he will lead the hockey department, in addition to having an eye on the organization’s finances, marketing and communications.

“We had the chance to get our hands on Gaby Roch as the team’s managing director, so I decided to restructure my role. Shareholders loved the plan I proposed. I will now be in full charge of the hockey structure as director of hockey operations,” testified Mr. Lajoie.

“I will support Gaby and André for trade and draft discussions. I still have the same passion that inhabits me, which is to bring a championship to Trois-Rivières. I believe that we have just put the elements in place to achieve this objective. »

Gaby Roch, who needs no introduction in the world of senior hockey, was managing director with the Sportifs de Joliette when they won the championship, a team led by André Lachance.

“When I was approached by Fred, I expressed to him the desire to return to the LHSAAAQ as the team’s general manager. I wanted to come back to hockey with a leading organization like Trois-Rivières. I will be accompanied by my friend André Lachance in the adventure so I could not refuse the plan that Fred has built with the shareholders of the team. I’m already at work, fans will not be disappointed with the product on the ice. »

The return of Coach Lachance behind the head coach’s bench was the main mandate for the team. The latter completely changed the team’s way of playing and performances were most encouraged at the end of the season.

“My goal has always been to win and I arrived in a difficult situation last year. I loved the team and what we had built too much not to come back and finish the job this season. We’ve been on the drawing board for a few months now and there have been a lot of rumors in the league, but now I’m proud to say I’m back. (JC)

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