Change of look for Tyler Herro, he is humiliated badly!

Tyler Herro has made the buzz in recent days by ranking in the Top 10 best-selling jerseys in France, a big surprise for a player never selected for the All-Star Game. Besides, he is still talking on social networks because of his new style, and not necessarily for good.

For reasons that are not very obvious, the French public is in awe of Tyler Herro. So obviously the best 6th man of the year produces on the field and is an important cog in Erik Spoelstra’s system, averaging 20.7 points, 5 rebounds and 4 assists, but it’s pretty hard to figure out how he could whistle also high in jersey sales in France.

On the other hand, across the Atlantic, the popularity rating of the young rear is very different. If he is respected for his talent, he is quite often subject to humiliation on social networks. For example, a few weeks ago, in the midst of an infidelity scandal in his relationship, he was the victim of an XXL tackle from the mother of his child. on the size of his private parts.

Tyler Herro destroyed for his new tattoo

Like many NBA players, the majority even, Tyler Herro decided to go to the tattoo artist for a huge piece on his chest, with the eyes of the king of the savannah, a cross, and his date of birth. A particularly charged reason which is far from unanimous on social networks. Many Internet users made fun of the back of the Heat in the face of this new image.

He’s got the ugliest well done tattoo I’ve ever seen.

He signed a big contract and he shows up with this? 🥴

In Tyler Herro’s defense, his tattoo probably looked much better with other designs around it. People usually start with small hidden pieces or on common areas, rarely with a tattoo that takes up the whole torso. It is up to him to continue his work.

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