Colomiers: the tennis club remains very active all summer long

Despite the holidays, the Union sportive Colomiers tennis club is not slowing down. At the end of June and beginning of July, the club initiated more than five hundred young schoolchildren during several mornings: pupils from the Lamartine, Lucie Aubrac, Hélène Boucher and Alain Savary school groups grabbed their first racket and discovered the superb Cabirol complex, others, from the Jules Ferry school, received the first rudiments of tennis in their own playground “With the city of Colomiers, via Emisa (Municipal School of Sports and Artistic Initiation) and the French Tennis Federation, we have a social action objective. In each school, a class benefits from five or six discovery sessions,” says Laurent Bauby, the general manager of the club.

Internships and summer tour

Several hundred children took part in the baby and mini-tennis party and in the first Olympics. Throughout the month of July and during the last two weeks of August, the club offers stages, under various formulas, half-days or full days. To vary the pleasures a little and not just play tennis, some also practice fun or sports activities: swimming pool, bowling, laser game… “Each week, we have a good twenty children a day, with three teachers for three age groups”, specifies Laurent Bauby.

Alongside the general manager, the winners and finalists in boys 11-12 and 13-14 years old, from Colomiers, Tournefeuille and Blagnac.

This Saturday, about twenty competitors from the training center run by Benjamin Gascoin are leaving for two weeks in La Baule and on the Atlantic coast by minibus. They will participate in five or six tournaments, against players from all over France. Between the matches, there will be a bit of a holiday atmosphere in a campsite, under the supervision of six supervisors and volunteer parents.

The rigorous warm-up at the start of the stages, offered for six weeks./photo DR, US Colomiers tennis.

The rigorous warm-up at the start of the stages, offered for six weeks./photo DR, US Colomiers tennis.

The club has also set up a summer card (€50) which allows you to play freely, anytime. “We are trying to attract new followers. More and more people come punctually,” says Laurent Bauby. A strategy that works: in one year, the club directed by Olivier Casalis has won 104 members, including 64 adults. With 1,360 members, USC tennis is one of the leading clubs in France.

140 young people in tournament

For two weeks, the tennis club, to close the season, organized its annual youth tournament “Magic Teens”, intended for 11-16 year olds. But a few younger, upgraded children participated. Most of the 140 players distributed from Haute-Garonne and neighboring departments. There were 24 girls and 116 boys.
Laurent Bauby, general manager and referee of the tournament had a lot to do to organize nearly 150 matches, some under high temperatures (even on the indoor courts). The finals, of a good standard, took place on Wednesday. Here are the winners and runners-up:
Boys: 11-12 years old: Malone Donnart and Marc Krem-Ubeda (Colomiers).
13-14 years old: Valentin Lardy-Gaillot (Blagnac) and Guillaume Lerouge (Tournefeuille).
15-16 years old: Maxime Soeurs (Le Vernet) and Antoine Darnère-Sadourny (Stade Toulousain).
Girls: 11-12 years old: Valentine Luangkhot-Bonnecaze (Cugnaux) and Manel Marouche (Stade Toulousain).
13-16 years old: Timea Gallien (Périgueux) and Claire Altman (Le Vernet).
Next season, the club plans to organize several multi-chance tournaments (even a loser, a young person plays several matches) as well as tournaments, level orange and green balls, in December.

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