Completely drunk, the incident of Klay Thompson with a fan!

The Warriors parade with their fans took place this Monday, to the delight of the players. Klay Thompson was in a really good mood, to the point that he wasn’t exactly sober for the event. Results ? A slight incident with a fan, who may remember this moment.

A few days after the title won against the Celtics, the Warriors were finally able to celebrate with the supporters. The usual parade took place this Monday in front of a crowd of fans, with players obliging the delighted with this event. It must be said that other teams were not so lucky, such as the Lakers with their title won in 2020. Whatever happened, some players took the opportunity to have fun, including Klay Thompson.

Klay Thompson can’t stand up anymore!

Already on his boat a few hours ago, the stern continues to enjoy this newly acquired ring. As some might have guessed, he was drunk for the parade, even if he wanted to share a good time with the supporters. At the arrival ? A small disaster, since Klay knocked down a fan during this parade, which was not in the right place. Fortunately more fear than harm.

Thompson takes the trouble to raise the person, before quickly returning to the fans. A light incident, not dramatic, but which could have ended badly considering the race of Klay, who obviously tripped over something. Nothing serious obviously, but it is clear that the person concerned was not totally sober. And how can you blame him for celebrating this title? Given his galleys, it’s a moment he deserves.

Another unmistakable sign regarding the player’s condition? The fact that he almost lost one of his rings in this parade. Rest assured, Klay was quickly able to find her on the ground, but we were not far from the drama:

Remember that for the time being, the player has only three rings and not four, since he will receive the news at the start of the school year, for the first match of the Dubs.

Visibly drunk, Klay Thompson was a danger on Monday for the parade of the Warriors. Nothing dramatic on arrival, and a lot of memories at the end for the player, who had been waiting for this for years. We can understand his desire to celebrate the event.

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