Contrasting first day of the 3×3 World Cup for the Blues

Today kicked off the 3×3 World Cup which takes place in Antwerp until next Sunday. This Tuesday, the entry into the running of the French with an outsider status in a rather raised hen was contrasted. A flawless victory in the first game then a frustrating defeat having led almost the entire game. Debriefing.

# The France team for this World Cup (from left to right)

  • No. 4: Léopold Cavalière, SIG Strasbourg (Betclic Elite)
  • No. 15: Alex Vialaret, JSA Bordeaux (National 1)
  • No. 11: Antoine Eito, Elan Châlon-sur-Saône (Pro B)
  • No. 21: Franck Seguela, Stade Rochelais Basket (National 1)

# The summary of the day

Start of the competition at 2:25 p.m. with a first match against New Zealand, who are playing their second meeting of the day. The New Zealanders failed in the morning Serbia, champion in 2019 and still favorite for the title this year. The first game can be tricky, especially against a team already in the legs. The start of the match was timid with zero points in one minute for both teams, until Seguela’s first lay-up. Antoine Eito delights the public with his caviars, the game of France being essentially based on pick-and-roll. For his first international 3×3 campaign, Léopold Cavalière presents responds and immediately enters the lard of the two oxen of the Auckland racket. You can feel him in his element. The New Zealand fouls allow easy throws and points for the Blues who are very active and solid in defense, and undermine the opposing game based on one-on-one. The tactical leader and captain Alex Vialaret is lethal from afar, like Eito, clutching the stands at 2 points when necessary. End of the match 21-13 for the Blues, a few seconds before the end of the ten-minute clock. Very good start for the French with a wider victory than Serbia thanks to a very big defense.

Second meeting of this J1 of the 3×3 World Cup against Brazil, with only two rotations of rest for our French who play an hour and a half after their first match. A French dunk from the start marks the coup. The game is tight, physical – as expected with a team from South America – the fight is tough on the rebounds and the clinch defense. The reading of the game remains good, with a Cavalière open on his own for a dunk without a defender in the paint, or on a big shot from Vialaret at 2 points just to widen a mini gap. But the Blues quickly made mistakes and few whistles were taken to the advantage of Karim Souchu’s men in the last two minutes. Brazil took the lead one minute from the end, the French leveled at fifteen seconds, then the Brazilians came back in front seven seconds from the end. Frustrating 16-15 loss after leading all gamebut the start of the competition is very encouraged for a French team which has played few games with this squad.

# The classification of pool A after J1

  1. Serbia (2V – 0D) – qualified for the quarter-finals
  2. Puerto Rico (1V-1D) – qualified for the eighth
  3. Brazil (1V – 1D) – qualified for the eighth
  4. France (1V-1D) – x
  5. New Zealand (0V – 2D) – x

For the moment, the Blues must fight to try to snatch a participation in the 1/8th finals of this 3×3 World Cup, but beware of the Serbian ogre who will try to block their way on Thursday. In the meantime, see you tomorrow still in Antwerp for the start of the women’s Bleues tournament, still on the TV and Twitch channel of L’Équipe. First match at 12:50 p.m. against Brazil, a story of revenge, and continues at 2:25 p.m. for the second match against New Zealand.

Text Source: FIBA ​​3×3

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