Cooper Flagg (15), the new nugget of American basketball

He was impressive at the U17 World Cup, almost even more so during his first high school season in the United States. Cooper Flagg could be the next nugget to watch on the other side of the Atlantic, we are talking here about a young fifteen-year-old with talent already present. But in fact, where does it come from? Can we have his stats? Can he end up in the NBA? Go relax with your feet in a fan, we answer all these questions.

Cooper Flagg, on first listen, it sounded like advertising for a city car capable of parking anywhere in Paris without arousing the attention of ASVP controllers. It is therefore difficult to imagine that behind this surname is actually hiding one of the hottest prospects on the planet basket. Let’s start by doing a little detailed review of the guy’s profile: Cooper Flagg is fifteen years old for 2.01 meters. Already, it conditions you physically the boy, of course dominant in his age category for the moment. Originally from Maine – in the far Northeast of the States – Cooper was lucky to grow up in a family that was familiar with basketball: Mum indeed participated four times in the final stages of the NCAA with the University of Maine. Level of work ethic and transmission of passion, you will admit that we have done worse. As far as education is concerned, the little Cooper goes to school in Newport, the city where he is from. In 2021, he entered Nokomis Regional High School, the local private high school. Inevitably, he is integrated into the basketball team with already the label of a future great in the discipline. No worries, the averages for his first year at school confirm that the gold man in the hands: 21 points, 1o rebounds, 6 assists, 4 steals and 4 blocks in 22 games this season. More complete apart from bread, hard to find. Of course, such talent attracts rewards, so the kid is honored with multiple distinctions such as the best player in the state in his category, integration in the five of the competition disputed by his high school… in short, the course is for the snapshot at the top of the top.

So at the top, moreover, that Team USA wants to confront him with the best players of his generation during a camp last April. The stage is once again successfully validated, and the reward is nothing other than selection for the U17 national team for the World Cup in the category. Direction Malaga in Spain, its clear water beaches, its culture and its intoxicating climate. Except Cooper isn’t here to sightsee, and neither are his compatriots. The competition is only a kind of formality as long as Uncle Sam’s nephews have been able to dominate the debates. Spain in the final of the tournament? Yum, a good meal for Cooper: 10 points, 17 rebounds, 2 assists, 8 steals (!) and 4 blocks. A balloon magnet when it comes to cleaning the hoop, Flagg is also a great thief. We will also note his beautiful view, since the boy is accustomed to pretty offerings to teammates, not the funky kind either but the efficient kind, and that is the main thing. Offensively, he was able to mark his territory well with a point of 18 units against Serbia in the quarters. We are therefore talking here about a multi-faceted talent, capable of contributing without counting on both sides of the field. His chances of going to the NBA? Well, above all, you will have to be patient to answer precisely. Cooper is talking about the class of 2025 or 2026, depending on the league’s thoughtful return to a possible Draft entry out of high school. What we must also understand is that the guy only has fifteen years. The time when the basket is crazy cool, but the body and mind are still under construction. So let’s give Mr. Drapeau time to grow serenely before considering him as a real NBA prospect, but with assessments that retain the sporting qualities that are already a pleasure to watch.

Here is a very promising young man! Cooper Flagg, you may be the future of basketball. In the meantime, take the time to grow anyway. While playing basket of course, because that is your first quality. Come on, we risk in any case to meet again very quickly.

Source: FIBA, USA Basketball

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