Crunch, L’Équipe’s rugby podcast: not so bad, this Castres-Montpellier final

If Pierre-Henry Broncan and Philippe Saint-André had been told two years ago that they would face each other in the final of the Top 14, perhaps they would not wouldn’t have believed. These are two different destinies, two completely separate roles too: who are they really, these two men behind the successes of Castres and Montpellier? What are the secrets of their journey and their vision?

Obviously, if the CO and the MHR arrived there, it is not by the operation of the Holy Spirit. The first of the two finalists fought against Toulouse in the semi-finals when the second had to employ himself, but brilliantly, to keep Bordeaux out of the Brennus race. How does that ultimately make sense? And is the rugby world harsh in saying that this poster isn’t very sexy?

Animated by Antoine Bourlonwith Romain Bergogne, Clement Dossin and Guillaume Dufy. Realized by Roland-Richard.


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