Daryl Morey is reportedly offering a league-wide package

There is little doubt that after the Sixers failed in the second round of the playoffs, Daryl Morey will be very aggressive and try to strengthen its workforce. At the latest news, with the exception of Joel Embid, James Harden and Tyrese Maxeyeveryone would be available, but there would be two assets that Morey would try to trade aggressively according to Woj.

Indeed, he would call the entire league to offer the 23rd draft pick + package. Matisse Thybulle in order to recover a player that he would deem more likely to allow him to win in the short term. If they had been reluctant until then to exchange the Australian winger, an excellent defender, it would seem that his very weak offensive progress and his worries in the playoffs have changed the situation a little.

Note that Morey would also offer a 23rd choice + package Danny Greenbut with the injury of the latter it is probably much less interesting than the one with the Boomer.

The Inquirer confirms the information concerning the 23 + Thybulle choice package and also specifies that the Sixers would always try to exchange Tobias Harris, but for the moment given his contract he would not interest many people.

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