David Darricarrère (Castres): “We don’t take ourselves for big guys”

“How do you imagine the final?
It will be a high-intensity match, with a lot of commitment, fierceness in the fight… In the races, the aerial duels, in the duels, there will be a sacred intensity. We will try to be in the match, not to miss the event, to be in it from the first to the last minute and to compete in intensity. Montpellier stifled Bordeaux (in the semi-final, 19-10) with great defensive intensity, we will try to be up to it and find space. To those who think it’s going to be a cheap final, it’s still a final and it’s not just rugby: it’s not just high-flying rugby, and champagne rugby, there’s also that of the territories.

About twenty buses of CO supporters are expected at the Stade de France. How do you explain this enthusiasm in Castres for the club?
It’s a very strong bond. It is a town of 40,000 inhabitants, a small town therefore and its heart beats for CO, it lives for CO, which is anchored in its territory with a strong culture. When you go to buy bread or the newspaper on Monday morning, we tell you about the match the day before, we tell you about the next one, about the players. This allows for extraordinary closeness, but also mutual respect between players and supporters. This enthusiasm makes it carry you positively all week. These days, people had bananas, and we’ll try to make them happy and proud.

This will be the club’s fourth final in nine years, you can’t really say that you are the little thumb of the championship…
However, we remain a sub-prefecture, it is factual (smile). But we don’t take ourselves for big arms. Everything we manage to do, we do it through hard work, a state of mind. The results are only the consequence of what you do, of the content of what you do on the pitch and in training, of what you do with your team. We don’t take ourselves for what we are not, but we know who we are and what we want to do. »


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