David Esa new coach of AS Héry Basket

The announcement made, Saturday, June 18, of the stop of Andrzej Rozycki (coach), and Claude Gillet (assistant), it was for the president Yves Borsato to find a new coach for his pennant team. The latter has set his sights on David Esa, 32 years old. “We thought he was the person we needed. In Yonne, we didn’t have too many applications. We had two other leads, but it didn’t work out in the end,” notes the president of AS Hery.

“I couldn’t miss it all. It’s something that didn’t come up any time soon. And then, I think it was time for a change.”

Yves Borsat (President of AS Héry)

David Esa is a well-known technician of the Héryssois club since he was at the head of CSB Autun which was in the same group of Men’s Pre-National during the previous season. The latter was also coach of the U18 women (France) of CSL Dijon. “By taking a coach like that, we professionalize the position. It’s a level that we try to overcome and it goes with the project on which we are working hard,” explains the president.

A project in which Patou Lomboto will join. “He will be David’s assistant. He is in the process of passing his diplomas and will be able to continue learning next season”, delivers the leader of AS Héry. It is also the close relationship between the two men that this recruitment was made possible.

A recruitment of three players expected

Still, this place will require some adjustments. “David has asked for guarantees in terms of staff. The transfer window must live up to his ambitions and ours as well. This will require a slightly larger financial windfall. But it’s on the right track for the three recruits what we hope to do during the off-season. This is the maximum that the regulations allow us”, specifies Yves Borsato.

However, he approaches this new page with joy and serenity. “I’m relieved that we’ve already found someone at the end of June. We’ll be able to work calmly to prepare for next season. I can’t wait to see it all fall into place,” he discovered.

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