David Tebib, the lessons of handball, Success Story

His story had started rather badly. David Tebib was born on March 15, 1970 in Nîmes, of two parents aged fifteen, too young to take care of him. He was raised by his maternal grandmother, in the working-class district of Chemin-bas d’Avignon, today undermined by drug trafficking and violence. We weren’t there in the 1970s, but the kid, whose father is of Algerian origin, treated every day as a “little bougnoul” by a teacher at his school, quickly understands that he will have to rely only on himself to elevate himself socially.

As a child, he set up his first business, organizing a neighborhood film club at his grandmother’s house. “For 5 francs, the children were entitled to a share of Savane and a screening of cartoons and ‘Zorro'”, he smiles. The profits were invested in the acquisition of video cassettes, which will feed an ever-living passion for cinema.

Patented process

The teenager Tebib, gifted at handball despite his asthma, does not attack on the school benches. After a CAP-BEP accounting, he is “hungry to return to working life, with financial independence in sight”. He makes his salesman ranges like VCRs. At twenty-four, he became a partner in a video club in Nîmes, then created a flat-rate subscription system giving access to an unlimited number of cassettes. A kind of Netflix of yesteryear.

The cardboard concept with customers, finally issued penalties for delay. “We played on volume and loyalty,” he explains. This skilful business method works in his favor with the banks, despite his atypical CV. In 2003, he created, with Laurent Pumigliathe society FTP Lab, a service provider for the advertising display of scrolling panels, using a patented fastening process which rests the posters on the panels and adapts to assembly machines. The products, based on plastic and glue, and made in Asia, are sold to Clear Channel or JCDecaux.

Involvement in the city

The small structure of five people in France achieves a turnover, which he keeps secret, of “several million euros”, of which 20 % export. FTP Labo is currently working on new anti-graffiti techniques that are more respectful of the environment.

In his book “Everything is always possible”, published last year, he depicts a form of rage to extract himself from his social environment. “David is a huge hard worker, already at work at 4 or 5 in the morning. It’s two days in one,” says Frédéric Vialon, one of his close friends. This allowed him to move mountains, in business, but also when taking over the handball club Usam Nîmes Gard, ten years ago. His goal of raising the club to European level in three or four years, while he was vegetating in 2e division, is largely achieved.

Today, the number of partners has increased from 40 to 160, and in 2019 he brought in one of the best players in the world, Montpellier’s Michaël Guigou. Usam will contest a European Cup again next season. “David Tebib knows where he wants to go, slips Vincent Martin, entrepreneur from Nîmes. He knew how to transform Parnassus [la salle où se déroulent les matchs, NDLR] in a cauldron, by getting money from the business side. »

For the fifties, father of two daughters aged seventeen and twenty-two, Usam is also a tool for action in the city. During round tables organized in schools and colleges in disadvantaged neighborhoods of Nîmes, he gives, with players and the coach, his keys to success, such as “respect, the value of work, the place of each in the organization ” . Through a partnership with the Gard department, Usam also opens its doors to college students. For the 2022-2023 season, David Tebib intends to create a senior women’s section.

His president of the National Association of Professional Sports Leagues also urges him to bring key subjects such as the fight against piracy and doping or the Paris 2024 Olympics to the Minister of Sports. by a failure. During the 2020 municipal elections in Nîmes, his list won 5.39% of the vote, after being invested, then disinvested, by LREM.

David Tebib frequently returns to the “Chemin-bas”, as he says, to see “shopping buddies, like the butcher, a colorful character who makes me laugh. This neighborhood is part of who I am.”

Key dates:

– March 15, 1970: birth in Nîmes
– 2003: creation of his company, FTP Labo
– 2012: becomes president of Usam Nîmes Gard
– 2020: unsuccessful candidate in the municipal elections in Nîmes
– 2020-2021: interim president of the National Handball League

-March 2021: elected president of the National Association of Professional Sports Leagues
– October 2021: publishes “Everything is always possible” (ed. Plon) with Valérie Rossellini

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