Delight. Tennis club summer tournament finalists

The Tennis Club Revel recently organized its summer tennis tournament, the finals of which took place on Sunday July 3rd. This traditional club tournament, organized by many volunteers, is an opportunity to confront many opponents from various backgrounds in a friendly way. After a fortnight and 125 matches played, the competition, which will have brought together no less than 112 participants from 19 different clubs (including Argentine participants) will have seen several consecrations from the Revélois club.

For the group of over 35 men, Christophe Raynaud won the final against Guillaume Gayrard, also a member of the club. For women over 35, Marina Roussy wins against her opponent Julie Samson, both from TC Revel. The group of over 50 gentlemen still saw Vincent Marty de Puylaurens win against Serge Marsal de Revel in the final. For the women’s open, it was Aelis Boyer, 11, a member of TC Revel, who won the final against Marion Chabbert from the Sorèze club. Juan Sebastian Belagarde wins the men’s open against Mateo Szoiche Pentray, both from Argentina.

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