Dirty humiliation in sight for LeBron against Curry!

While the full schedule will be unveiled next week, a few insiders already have access to certain dates, including Shams Charania. The latter has just unveiled the first poster of the season: the Lakers will travel to… the Warriors, of course. A humiliation for some fans, who did not fail to react.

The season hasn’t started yet, but the NBA is expected to heat up fans soon with the schedule reveal. A long-awaited moment, just for the Christmas Day posters, or the first match of this new exercise. We know more precisely thanks to Shams Charania, who has just revealed that the Lakers are making the trip to the Warriors, for yet another confrontation between james lebron and Steph Curry.

First game of the season and ceremony for the ring on TNT: The Lakers at the Warriors, October 18.

The Warriors all smiles against the Lakers

As often, the recovery will therefore be around mid-October, even if we do not yet know all the posters. What do we know though? That the Dubs will have the happiness of receiving their ring as champion, all ahead of the Angelinos, who did not reach the playoffs last season. So then, some fans took the opportunity to make fun of it, and not just a little.


The Lakers will drop 40 points

The Lakers ain’t even strong, stop putting ’em on national air

The Lakers moving to the Warriors? This is anything but a coincidence for the NBA, which knows what it is doing by scheduling such a meeting. Fans are not fooled, although many prefer to have fun. In any case, it will be a great first poster, which promises a little action.

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