discover the summer novelties of Disney+

If the sun and the heat wave make you want to stay cool, you might as well keep busy watching a few films or series. And that’s good, because as summer approaches, Disney+ has decided to spoil you with a well-stocked program.

Every month, Disney+ expands its catalog with a plethora of new content. Films, series, or documentaries, original creations or not: there is something for everyone. And you will certainly find content to put in your mouth.

In order to accompany you this summer, we have decided to concoct a small selection of the best content offered by the streaming platform, between inspiring biopics, horrific series and documentaries to the glory of our friends the sharks (ideal for all those who go vacation at the beach).

To discover all this content, don’t forget that you must have a Disney+ subscription. The latter is offered at 8.99 euros per month, and 89.90 euros if you ever decide to let yourself be tempted by an annual subscription (and you save almost two months of subscription in the case).

On Disney+, summer will be deadly or it won’t be!

This summer, Disney+ has decided to give you the big thrill with a selection of series oscillating between thriller and horror. The opportunity to discover the rest of Only murder in the building and its cast who are having a great time, or rediscovering a classic from the 2000s with ghost whisperer. A brief overview.

  • Only Murder in Buildings (Season 2)

Released in late summer 2021, the first season from Only Murders in the Buildings we presented the adventures of three residents of the Aconia building, linked by a common passion for criminal cases. Faced with a death in their residence, which the police quickly classify as suicide, the trio that everything opposes will join forces to shed light on what is actually a crime.

Worn by Steve Martin, Martin Short and Selena Gomez, Only murders in the building is a series halfway between thriller and comedy which delivered some nice moments, thanks in particular to the cast who play around like never before.

This second season picks up exactly where the previous one ended (we won’t spoil anything here) and a host of prestigious newcomers like Cara Delevigne, Shirley MacLaine or Amy Schumer should come to title our three protagonists over the episodes. Only murders in buildings is gold and already available.

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  • Ghost Whisperer (the complete)

Disney+ then invites you to dive back into the heart of the 2000s with the complete ghost whisperer. Released in 2005, this series invites us to follow the daily life of Mélinda Gordon (Jennifer Love Hewitt), a young bride and owner of an antique shop in the pleasant town of Grandview. A fairly banal life, or almost, since Mélinda has the astonishing ability to communicate with the dead.


The latter also spend their time coming to find her so that she can help them pass into the afterlife. Many supernatural mysteries will be added to this plot over the five seasons that the series lasts. Fantastic series in the line of Charm and consorts, ghost whisperer remains a nice series, although sometimes a little anchored in its time. The complete series is now available on Disney+.

  • American Horror Story (Seasons 1-9)

If you’re a horror lover, write down the date of July 13 in your tablets. It is on this date that the 9 seasons from American Horror Story land on Disney+. As a reminder, this series created by Ryan Murphy (Pinch/Tuck, Joy, Scream Queens) presents itself as an anthology of stories where horror reigns supreme.

Each season contains a full narrative, with its own plot unfolding over a dozen episodes each time. If the seasons do not follow each other strictly speaking, it is however possible to discover links between them, whether they are characters or recurring places. Enough to build an extremely interesting common mythology.

Fabulously written and directed, carried by a cast as fair as they are excellent (with some very, very big names), american horror story is a must-see if you like heavy atmospheres and stories that draw towards fantasy and horror.

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  • American Crime Story (Season 1-3)

Created by the same team that American Horror Story, American crime history Nevertheless, it is intended to be more down to earth, less fantastic and horrifying. If it is still an anthology, it is however dedicated to the reconstruction of real criminal stories by allowing to stick as faithfully to reality.

Currently composed of three seasons, this series does not look at the expense to offer the most faithful possible adaptation of the criminal cases it relates. Polished image perfectly transcribing a given era, cast populated by big names (Cuba Gooding Jr, Clive Owen, John Travolta, Penelope Cruz or Sarah Paulson), everything is there to immerse you in the heart of these stories.

Available from July 20, American crime history invites you to discover its first three seasons: The People vs. OJ Simpson, The Assassination of Gianni Versace and Accused (which deals with the Lewinski affair), and to show you the underside.

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Rise, or the rise of the Antetokounmpo brothers

On the film side, Disney + currently offers you to discover To go up, an original creation that revisits the story of the Antetokunmpo brothers. You may know them if you are familiar with US sports, and the NBA in particular. But if this is not the case, know that the three brothers have known an extraordinary destiny.

It is in Greece, in Athens to be precise, that Vera, Charles and their five children live. Coming from Nigeria, they try as best they can to live by selling souvenirs to tourists, slaloming between the hassles of daily life and a system that constantly threatens to send them back to the country. A pressure that the Antetkounmpo brothers evacuate on the basket grounds of the Greek capital.

A sport they discovered late in life, but for which they are naturally gifted. Very quickly noticed by a sports agent, Giannis, Thanasis and Kostas will then leave the playgrounds Athens to pursue their dream in the USA and try to join an NBA franchise…

Driven by a Nigerian cast and director, To go up accurately returns to the history of this family with an unusual destiny. And even if the story is a bit fictionalized, Disney production obliges, this biopic is nonetheless very nice to see, whether you are a basketball fan or not. To go up is already available on Disney+.

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Celebrate SharkFest 2022 in style with shark documentaries!

Object of fascination, the shark is the most emblematic marine predator. The subject of many disaster films (in more or less good taste) or spellbinding documentaries, he is also one of the most misunderstood animals there are.

This summer, Disney+ and National Geographic have decided to pay a strong tribute to sharks of all stripes with the shark party, in order to highlight all the complexity of this formidable creature. From July 10, you will be able to discover nearly 30 hours of original content on a wide variety of channels (Disney XD, Nat Geo Wild, National Geographic, Disney+).

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From July 22, Disney+ invites you to discover the trifle of 6 documentaries dedicated to sharks:

  • The Bull Shark Invasion
  • Sharks and volcanoes, forces of nature
  • star sharks
  • Shark vs Surfer
  • Sharks vs Whale
  • Shark vs Dolphins

Enough to learn more about their relationship to other occupants of the seas, to celebrate their power or to unravel their mysteries. To learn all about sharks, go to Disney+ in the National Geographic universe.

Enjoy all Disney+ content from 8.99 euros per month

All of this summer content, and more, is available with a simple Disney+ subscription. As a reminder, the platform has an extensive catalog which includes Disney content (obviously), Star Wars, Marvel as well as original creations from all over the world.

Disney+ is also different thematic universes, such as National Geographic and its many documentaries, animal or not, but also Stars, which bring together the most adult content (in all good honor) on the platform. Disney + is currently offered at the price of 8.99 euros per month and also has an annual subscription at 89.90 euros allowing you to save two months overall.

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