Disqualified from the 1st hole of the 1st stage of the QSchool of the DP World Tour in Denmark!

An American pro golfer crossed the Atlantic to take part in one of the 9 selected for the 1st phase of the QSchools of the DP World Tour organized in Denmark. Unfortunately for him he hadn’t read the rules properly and the officials were forced to disqualify him on the first hole!

According to the Monday Q Info twitter account, Blake Abercrombie has paid a green fee of 2,000 euros in order to line up in section E of the first phase of the QSchools of the DP World Tour on the Lyngbygaard Golf course in Braband , in Denmark.

Rangefinder prohibited!

But the 27-year-old’s hopes were quickly dashed when he used his rangefinder on the first hole. Since rangefinders are not allowed at QSchool, the referees had no choice but to disqualify him!

Abercrombie, however, is not a novice. Indeed, he has already played on the PGA Tour Canada and the PGA Tour Latinoamerica, without ever finishing in the top 10 on either circuit.

3 French qualified before Hardelot

As a reminder, the first of the 9 selectives took place at the Players Club in Bristol at the beginning of September. The Landes prodigy Oihan Guillamoundeguy won his ticket during an event organized in Portugal. Jeremy Gandon qualified for the PQ2 via Austria while it was in Italy that Thomas Elissald obtained the qualification for the PQ2 at the beginning of November in Spain.

The first qualifying phase will end in Hardelot from October 4 to 7 and many French people have planned to take part in this tournament.

Photo © Stuart Franklin/Getty Images

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