Djokovic inaugurates land at the foot of the “Bosnian pyramid”

Three days after winning the Wimbledon tournament, Novak Djokovic traveled to Bosnia on Wednesday to inaugurate tennis courts in a “archaeological parkwhich the manager claims is home to a pyramid and where the player regularly returns to recharge his batteries.

Even though the theory that the hill overlooking the small town of Visoko, near Sarajevo, has been rejected by archaeologists, it does not displease Djokovic, who has won 21 Grand Slam titles.

After a first visit in 2020 to the “Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Park“, that “Nole“had qualified as”heaven on earth», he returned there at least four times, alone or with his family, always very warmly welcomed by the master of the place, Semir Osmanagic.

According to the latter, a Bosnian businessman with a passion for ancient civilizations, the idea of ​​building a “regional training centeroriginated during Djokovic’s last visit in March.

We had agreed to build two pitches in our park for the training of high-level players, one in cement and another in clay.“, announced Semir Osmanagic recently.

Festivities and tournaments are organized throughout the day to inaugurate these grounds surrounded by trees, with in particular several exhibition matches including one at the end of the day between Novak Djokovic and the Croatian Ivan Dodig.

The Serb went to the brand new courts in the middle of the day, before engaging with his host in a pine forest that is part of the park, an AFP journalist revealed.

The Bosnian explorer Semir Osmanagic claims for twenty years to have discovered not one, but several pyramids built by a mysterious civilization near Visoko.

In addition, its teams have been clearing underground galleries for several years near the “pyramid of the sun» which he boasts of beneficial effects for the health of visitors, whose number has increased since Djokovic goes there.

Djokovic, 35, who displayed an appetite for the incongruous and the esoteric, had himself meditated during previous visits to the flank of the “Pyramid of the Eye“and traveled miles of tunnels”energywhich would be, according to a local archaeologist detractor of Osmanagic’s theory, an old gold mine.

Djokovic explained to AFP in 2020 that he felt “regeneratedafter a visit to these underground galleries.


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