Djordje Milosevic will complete the squad of Champagne Basket

Photo credit: Lilian Bordon

In the top 10 of the best scorers and evaluations of Pro B, Djordje Milosevic leaves ALM Évreux to join the very ambitious Champagne Basket.

It’s simple, Champagne Basket stole the two best evaluations of ALM Évreux, a revelation team last season: Marquis Jackson first, and now Djordje Milosevic (1.99 m, 29 years old) according to our information. Thomas Andrieux, a leading observer from the stands of the Jean Fourré room in recent months, was able to easily scout his two new recruits.

Unearthed last summer by Neno Asceric when he was playing in Montenegro, which is moreover in the second division of the Adriatic league, the Serbian 3/2 position has had a very full season for his discovery of a European championship of the West. In 33 Pro B games, Milosevic had 15.6 points (8th in Pro B scoring), 5.3 rebounds, 4 assists and 1.2 steals for 16.3 rating (7th in the division) in 33 minutes of play.

Second longest playing time in the division – he played a lot at the start of the season due to multiple injuries in the Ebroïcien workforce – provocative (5.5 shots attempted per game, the 2nd highest rate in Pro B), he won the very good exercise of the ALM: 5th in the championship and winner of the Leaders Cup, the very first title of the club in its history. But like the team, the native of Jagodina (Serbia) missed his meeting with the play-offs (eliminated 2-0 by Antibes) with an average of 7 points at 25% on shots for 8, 5 rating.

But without that, the Serb, with a strong character, is a complete player, regularly darkening the statistical lines, good in penetration, and capable of being skillful from afar (36% last year). Even if defense is not his strong point and he can be even more collective at times.

Apart from Timothée Crusol, Champagne Basket’s workforce is made up of experienced players, all experienced in Pro B games. What makes him the future favorite to join the Betclic ELITE? Probably yes…

Opponents last season, especially in the final of the Leaders Cup, Djordje Milosevic and David Skara will be united under the same tunic next year, that of Champagne Basket (photo: Lilian Bordron)


July 15, 2022 at 3:00 am

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