Draft 2022 | Top 5 leaders

This year, the position of leader is clearly not the most provided of the Draft. The 2022 vintage does not hold its Cade Cunningham, this ball carrier around the future of a franchise can be built. Most of the big talents move on to other positions, which tends to lower the rating of the leaders of this vintage.

But make no mistake about it: if the level of talent is perhaps the lowest of all the positions in this Draft 2022, some clubs will still manage to achieve nice shots in capable leaders.

1 – Dyson Daniels (19 years old, 2m01, 90kg)

2021/22 stats: 11.3 points (44.9%, 25.5% at 3-pts), 6.2 rebounds, 4.4 assists, 1.9 steals

Above all a back before developing his leadership qualities this season, with Team Ignite in the G-League, Dyson Daniels is a player who requires reflection when one wonders about his position.

In the NBA, depending on the context of his future team, he could very well be valued as a point guard alongside a second guard, as a guard alongside a pure guard, or even as a winger in a rather “small ball”. The advantage of having an “all-around” profile in the modern NBA.

In any case, we see him as a ball carrier from any outside position, to integrate him among the leaders of this 2022 vintage. He will be able to facilitate the game for his team with his good mastery of the “pick- and-roll”, and seems largely able, on the other side of the field, to defend from post 1 to post 4.

His full profile: Draft 2022 | The profile of Dyson Daniels (G-League Ignite)

2 – Tyty Washington Jr. (20 years old, 1m91, 90kg)

2021/22 stats: 12.5 points (45.1%, 35% at 3-pts), 3.5 rebounds, 3.9 assists, 1.3 steals

If we consider that Dyson Daniels is a guard, then Tyty Washington Jr. is the best pure point guard of this Draft 2022. In line with Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Immanuel Quickley or Tyrese Maxey, he was generally underused in Kentucky in the John Calipari’s system, and should have a blast in the wide-spaced game of the NBA.

We can easily imagine him as a ball carrier among the pros, certainly coming off the bench at first, because he already masters the “pick-and-roll” very well.

His mid-range dribble shot is particularly lethal, and his catch-and-shoot potential should be enhanced alongside the high-quality creators the NBA abounds.

Son profile: Draft 2022 | The profile of Tyty Washington Jr. (Kentucky)

3 – Kennedy Chandler (19 years old, 1m83, 78kg)

2021/22 stats: 13.9 points (46.4%, 38.3% at 3-pts), 3.2 rebounds, 4.7 assists, 2.2 steals

Despite certain physical limitations, Kennedy Chandler should manage to exist on the NBA floors thanks to his speed. An explosive, spring-loaded athlete, he plays at a high pace and masters changes of speed and direction: this should be his strength in transition.

On placed play, we are confident in his ability to become a useful player, in particular thanks to the expected development of his outside shot, interesting during his “freshman” season in Tennessee (38.3% on 3.8 attempts) and which suggests a margin of progress. certain, especially in “pull-up”.

Despite these promises displayed in attack, it is the defense that will be the very strong point of Kennedy Chandler at the start of his career. Again, his “modest” physique in the midst of NBA mutants will be a handicap, but his engine is impeccable. With 2.1 interceptions on average per game last season, he showed that he could be very disruptive, especially on the passing lines.

Very lively on his support, the former Volunteer will know, at a minimum, how to keep his position in front of the backs of the opposing benches.

4 – Andrew Nembhard (22 years old, 1m96, 88kg)

2021/22 stats: 11.8 points (45.2%, 38.3% at 3-pts), 3.4 rebounds, 5.8 assists, 1.6 steals

With a full university course, consisting of two seasons in Florida and two in Gonzaga, Andrew Nembhard is the most experienced of all the leaders of this Draft 2022.

The Canadian recalls Jalen Brunson or Monte Morris, solid ball carriers in the NCAA who have successfully transitioned as a luxury “role player” to the NBA.

An altruistic player, a true pure leader (5.3 assists on average in four seasons), he can be a quiet force on pick-and-roll. His outside shot is also a strong element of his game (38.3% on 4.2 attempts last season), and raises its floor level.

We imagine him very quickly becoming the understudy of a titular leader, in a team at the top of the table. Why not take over from Fred VanVleet in Toronto? We know that the Raptors of his native lands have their sights on him.

5 – Trevor Keels (18 years old, 1m93, 100kg)

2021/22 stats: 11.5 points (41.9%, 31.2% at 3-pts), 3.4 rebounds, 2.7 assists, 1.2 steals

According to the Duke staff, Trevor Keels was very, very close to returning to college to play his “sophomore” season. Ultimately, he opted to make the leap to the NBA after just one year, in the “one-and-done” tradition of Durham’s storied program.

Rightly or wrongly, only time will tell, but the fact remains that Trevor Keels, at the moment T, does indeed have the potential of a good “role player” in the NBA next season. Because the native of Maryland is solid in many areas, even if he probably lacks a strong point.

In the NBA, in a secondary ball carrier role off the bench, he will be useful. If his shooting success percentages were not famous last year with Duke (41.9%, including 31.2% at 3 points), his shooting remains transposable to the NBA, in a game more and more spaced.

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