Draymond Green warns the rest of the league with a violent punchline!

If there is one Warrior who is delighted by the title won against the Celtics, it is Draymond Green, who has experienced a lot of criticism for his performances. So he decided to take revenge on just about everyone, including the “haters”. Shortly after the victory, the interior decided to throw a big punchline, warning the rest of the league.

The title now won, the Warriors can savor this great victory after several complicated years. Injuries marred recent campaigns for Steve Kerr’s men, who still managed to win a new ring, despite much criticism. Steph Curry hasn’t forgotten anything, since he made fun of Kendrick Perkins (review here) and company in front of the media.

But he is not the only one who is on a small cloud. Unsurprisingly, this is also the case for Draymond Green, who was heavily criticized for his performances in these finals. He was not very good, nor at his best, but the Dubs still won this title on arrival, allowing inside to tackle the Celtics and one of their stars at the same time, with no respect. The proof that Dray does not forget anything, just like Steph, and that they can rub their hands today.

The unbeatable Warriors within the league?

However, don’t count on the Dubs to stop there. After returning to the heights of the NBA, the franchise logically wants to stay there in the near future, winning the other titles again. Green is also quite clear on the subject: his team has all the assets to dominate the rest of the league. As proof, and until now, no one has managed to dominate their trio.

This is what he says in a recent interview for The Ringer:

You can say what you want about Steph Curry, me, or even Klay, say whatever you want, really. But the three of us, it still hasn’t been proven that we can be stopped right now.

It must be said that yes, the trio Green, Curry and Klay have been successful in the past, and even today with this ring. Nevertheless, an Andrew Wiggins was also instrumental in this title, and not sure that Golden State could have won it without the Canadian. It is a complete workforce that is the strength of the Dubs today, with a Curry who has never doubted:

I still remember those pundits, talking about how we were getting too old. That we wouldn’t be a title contender, ever again. No matter the outcome of this final, we are here, we have proven that we can always improve at the highest level. And I don’t see how it will stop in the years to come.

Draymond Green and Steph Curry are confident for the future after this ring, and that’s normal. the Warriors have proven that they have the weapons for this title, with a workforce that still has plenty to fight for in the coming years. No doubt, the Dubs are not going to disappear suddenly.

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