DriBlades: Ice Hockey Coach Invents Innovative Weighted Blades For “Off-Ice” Training

Do you know the world of ice hockey? In France, this sport, which has about 21,000 members, is still very confidential. By way of comparison, football has 1.9 million licenses and handball, around 500,000… In the United States, ice hockey is a much more popular sport with the famous NHL. In this league, on June 16, the player Brayden McNabb who plays for the Vegas Golden Knights was training with brand new skates developed for players’ off-ice training… Their name, the DriBlades, which just might change the way ice hockey champions train. Discovery.

Where does this idea come from?

Kelly Riou has been an ice hockey coach in Saskatoon for more than 20 years, and training, he lived from it… Skates, he also tested some of them but they did not meet the main requirement: drive as if they were sliding on the ice… Coach but also leader of the company Alien Kinetics, he wanted to bridge the gap between the ice and the gym so that the skates are made in the same way on either surface. He confides in this shortcoming in an interview with the Associated Press. “Due to the demands of the game, this should have been there before me…” As these skates did not exist yet, it was decided to surround himself with a former player, quarterback, and a drone engineer to create the DriBlades. And, he hopes they will revolutionize the way hockey players of all levels train in the gym.

Skates developed for players’ off-ice training. Photo credit: DriBlades (YouTube screenshot)

But what are DriBlades then?

The blades created by the trainer are actually weighted blades that will replace the ice blades. The regular blades can therefore be repeated by the DriBlades to do lifting and other dry zone training. Several NHL champions have already tested these new blades and they praise the advantages. Chandler Stephenson, another hockey player explains: “Everything I’ve done before that’s ‘hockey related’ has been on the ice, so having something off the ice where you can progress even more, work on every inch of your blades, has been great.” He further explains that thanks to the DriBlades, he can feel all the sensations of skatingfrom the heel to the toes, passing through the soles of the feet.

How it works ?

Inserted blades are heavier than ice blades, allowing them to grip the surface better, much like a dumbbell for the feet… This ultimately helps players move their legs as if they were on ice because the blades resist much more than conventional blades. This makes it possible to solicit all the small muscles that do not work off the ice… The coach and the test players wonder how they did before this invention? They will never again need to wrap a weight, or a towel around their feet to weigh down the skate, and for them, this invention is revolutionary.

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