Drugs at Draymond Green’s wedding, the controversial images!

After feeling immense joy following his fourth championship title, in June, Draymond Green recently experienced a great event again when he married his company, Hazel Renee. However, a very special buffet present at the reception puts it in the sauce!

The summer was already meant to be rich in emotions for him before last weekend. Crowned for the fourth time in his career NBA champion with the Warriors, Draymond Green has chained in a very beautiful way by recently celebrating his marriage. A party to which many stars of the league were invited, and where some appetizers were intended to be quite incongruous.

Scandal over Draymond Green’s “perched” marriage

To mark the occasion for this day so special in his eyes, Draymond had invited several prestigious guests, like LeBron James and Stephen Curry, authors of a viral photo during the ceremony. Their host had also planned something to occupy them during the latter. On the program: petit fours, glasses of champagne… and big pre-rolled blunts on site!

They had fun smoking at Draymond Green’s wedding 😭😭😭😭

You’re not dreaming: All kinds of weed could be found at Green’s nuptials, with blends specially concocted for inside Golden State and his bride. Nothing illegal there, since the recreational use of cannabis is now authorized in California, and the NBA no longer controls its players vis-à-vis their consumption. This did not prevent some Internet users from crying foul in front of these images:

yuck. And they’re supposed to be role models for the kids?


A simple mounted piece? Obviously too overwhelmed for Draymond Green, who preferred to offer his wedding guests real drug-filled cigarettes. Despite its legal aspect, this approach does not go well on the networks!

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