[En Cartes] All the Occitanie rugby hens for the 2022-2023 season

Four pools of 10 clubs in Regional 1, 7 pools of 10 in Regional 2, and 8 pools of 10 in Regional 3… Here is the matrix of the territorial rugby championships for the next season, which is due to start on September 18.

Regional 1

For what is now the highest regional level, the two representatives of Ariège – Tarascon and Laroque-Bélesta – as well as Andorra are poured into a pool 1 which leans clearly towards the east and the Mediterranean, up to the borders of the Hérault. With unusual opponents for the Pyreneans…

Regional 2

The Ligue Occitanie has chosen to split the group of Ariégeois, the six clubs being divided into two separate pools. The 3 brings together Barguillère, Lavelanet and Mirepoix, while the 4 mixes Mazères, Lézat, Foix and the new Villeneuve du Paréage – St-Jean du Falga cooperation. All business will have to clubs from Hte-Garonne (and one from Gers) to try to extricate themselves from the qualifying phases.

Regional 3

Here too, the Ariège clubs are divided into two pools. Five of them in a hen 4 also mixing a bit of Aude and Hte-Garonne. And in pool 6 for Prat-Bonrepaux and Ht-Salat, heading west towards Gers and Htes-Pyrénées, as well as north in Hte-Garonne.

The calendar

The first three days are scheduled for September 18 and 25 and October 2. Barring unforeseen events, the qualifying phase will end on March 12, 2023. The round of 16 of the Occitanie R2 and R3 championships will be held on March 26, the round of 16 on April 2 – just like the round of 16 of R1.

The constitution of hens of ten clubs simplifies the reading for the qualifications in the Occitanie championship: the first 4 of each hen of R1 will see the spring, just like the first 4 of R3 (in the 16th finals). For the R2, we will probably have to add the four best 5th of pool to the first 4 to feed the final table at the stage of the 16th finals. Will the new formula allow more Ariège clubs to play in these finals? To be continued…

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