Endy Miyem (Bourges): “I should come back in October”

Endy Miyem (1.88 m, 34 years old) has 235 selections for the France team, to which she has belonged since 2008, but she will not be in the 2022 campaign for medical reasons. She gives her news to The Union.

Currently, La Berruyère has her left foot in plaster and she relies on crutches to walk.

It’s an injury that I’ve been dragging around since the end of January. At first, it must have been just a simple tendonitis… then we discovered a crack in the tendon. The rest worked, but I crashed at the end of the season. Finally, I had to be performed on June 28, and I wear a cast until August 3. If all goes well, I should be back at the end of October “.

No World Cup in Australia in September, but Endy intends to continue his international career until 2024 and the Paris Olympics. And after ?

I’m not really provided by coaching, the hardest part will be to find an area where I take as much pleasure as playing basket, because it’s my whole life. But what I do know is that I want to stop at Tango. I always have in mind the images of Cathy Melain and Emmeline Ndongue who are finishing their careers in Bourges, it would be wonderful to do the same ! »

Photo: FIBA

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