European Rugby Champion Armchair

Visiting his parents in Gannat, this young father gave us his time to present the rugby chair and discuss the upcoming deadlines.

Adrien Chalmin is a man whose agenda is overflowing with sporting events and others gained from his retraining. This high-level athlete, with a record of winning the title of European champion in February 2022 in Paris, three European bronze medals and several participations in the world championships and Paralympic games, has roots in the Bourbonnais. He took the time to answer our questions and enlighten us on this discipline, which is the rugby chair. A sport that he proudly counts in Paris in 2024, during the next Olympic Games.

do you know your sport?

This contact sport, developed in North America, is played four against four on a basketball court with wheelchairs adapted to shocks. The objective is to cross the opposing line with the ball. The latter is round to facilitate gripping and make rebounds easier.

Which nations dominate this sport?

The United States, Canada are the best placed countries in the world. Japan and Australia are also defending well. In Europe, England, France and Denmark can claim to figure well in the world top.

Confirm our title”

How do you prepare for your meetings?

In the top 8 in the world, this discipline requires a demanding preparation whether tactically, using video to know the game plans of our opponents and physically to respond to the intensity of the meeting. This organization requires implacable rigour.

What are your short term goals?

The next world championships in Denmark should enable us to confirm our title of European champion. We work hard for this.

The France team seems well endorsed. do you plan to develop?

Everything is moving at high speed. Our staff is made up of three coaches, a video analyst, a doctor, three nurses and a mechanic. Everything is in place so that we can “perform” as well as possible.

To conclude, what can we keep for you?

I set myself the goal of participating in the Paris Olympics in 2024, which must be successful. Then, to continue my professional retraining in the human resources sector and to take advantage of my loved ones.

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